‘COCAGE showroom’ by suppose design office in kochi-shi, kochi, japan all images courtesy suppose design office image © toshiyuki yano

japanese architecture practice suppose design office has shared with us images of ‘COCAGE’, a two-storey house and showroom in kochi-shi, kochi, japan. seeking to engage in direct dialogue with the outdoor elements – light, wind, water, shadow – the design creates living spaces which incorporate these features into the spatial atmosphere. 

suppose design office: COCAGE exterior view image © toshiyuki yano

adopting a bold and graphic triangular volume, the structure seemingly rises out of the ground into a symmetrical peak. a system of parallel louvers line the angled facades, establishing a level of transparency from certain vantage points. situated adjacent to the structure to touch the ground floor terrace is a low-lying pond that injects a natural element to the otherwise urban landscape. the building utilizes this body of water to cool down the microclimate.

suppose design office: COCAGE view from terrace image © toshiyuki yano

simple in its layout, the interior is an H-shaped arrangement with two outdoor terraces cut out of both ends of the rectangular plan. the central area accommodates a generous living, kitchen and dining space that benefits from the cross ventilation of the flanking terraces. service programs, as well as two bedrooms and a tatami room runs along the long sides of the plan, resulting in an intuitive and clean arrangement that provides appropriate levels of privacy.

suppose design office: COCAGE second level showroom image © toshiyuki yano

the showroom is hosted on the second storey, which is an open-concept design with an attic feel. defined by the exposed structural beams that run along the sloped ceiling, the space features horizontally running shelving units that reference the louvers of the exterior. ample sunlight enters the level from the open ground floor terraces with an additional roof top balcony on one side. a large void punctured at the center of the showroom space, provides a view of the living space below.

suppose design office: COCAGE image © toshiyuki yano

suppose design office: COCAGE overlooking the ground floor space below image © toshiyuki yano

suppose design office: COCAGE living and dining at night image © toshiyuki yano

suppose design office: COCAGE floor plan / level 0

suppose design office: COCAGE floor plan / level +1

suppose design office: COCAGElongitudinal section

project info:

principal use: showroom structure: wood structure storeys: 2 site area: 853.84 m2 building area: 141.16 m2 total floor area: 199.765m2

project team: makoto tanijiri, yoshio ono, yuko fukuma construction company: fukuya construction company structural engineer: nawaken gym