design+architecture & n veenstra has designed ‘ourhousewandal’, a sustainable low-budget family house in rockhampton suburbs, in australia. the dwelling is strategically positioned on the long arrow block providing the users uninterrupted views of the expansive backyard and beyond. the slightly elevated two-story home allows plenty of light to penetrate the large floor-to-ceiling windows and doors, and promotes cross ventilation throughout the interior.sustainable low-budget house by design+architecture & n veenstra settles in australiaall images courtesy of scott burrows


within this context, design+architecture & n veenstra sought to design the house in order to reduce its climate footprint encouraging the family’s natural lifestyle. the key elements for materiality’s choices were environmental sustainability, low maintenance, and cost-effectiveness, hence the use of zinc cladding on the exterior walls and room as well as fibre cement on the lower level. apart from the strategic rear-facing orientation, also the home’s large overhanging eaves and the back deck serve to minimize its reliance on artificial heating and cooling while making the most of its garden view.sustainable low-budget house by design+architecture & n veenstra settles in australia



having traveled extensively and become accustomed to using minimal space, the young family’s lifestyle reflects their need for a natural and rural feel, without costing the earth. the home’s shallow plan, the position on the long arrow block, and the use of bold geometric shapes draw influence by the street appeal and continuous views of the backyard. ‘the simple, clean design encourages us to slow down, collect less stuff and enjoy what is meaningful,’ comments the client. ‘we really notice how open and connected we are to the outdoors, particularly when returning from a holiday – coming home feels more relaxing’.sustainable low-budget house by design+architecture & n veenstra settles in australia


since the client’s budget was limited, standard materials were utilized in a thoughtful, creative way that contributed to the natural, modern, open-plan design allowing a luxe feel for less. arriving at the final design was a collaborative process between the builder, architect, and the client, who, as an engineer, was highly involved in the project and had a large impact on the design while the overall project’s cost was kept within a low budget.sustainable low-budget house by design+architecture & n veenstra settles in australiasustainable low-budget house by design+architecture & n veenstra settles in australiaourwandalhouse 6
ourwandalhouse 7ourwandalhouse 1
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project info:


name: ourhousewandal

architect: design+architecture & n veenstra

total floor area: 150 sqm

location: rockhampton, australia

year: 2020



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