tat atelier envisions futuristic earth architecture


Utilizing artificial intelligence program Midjourney, TAT Atelier Architecture visualizes a series of surreal, organic buildings emerging from among the earth to become inhabitable spaces of the future. The series titled Rethink Earth Architecture is part of an ongoing experiment by the Indian design studio exploring the bounds and potentials of artificial intelligence and generative design in the field of architecture. Rethinking how architecture could be imagined and conceived in the future with the aid of AI tools, the artworks reveal curious earth structures composed of raw fungus and bark amid desolate backdrops of vast, natural landscapes.

 TAT atelier renders surreal, futuristic architecture emerging from the earth using AI
all images by TAT Atelier Architects



the ai-generated architecture rises from the earth


With the recent sweeping trend of the use of AI in creative design, tools such as Midjourney and DALL·E are now increasingly being adopted by architects to visualize spaces of the future. In the experimental AI-generated Rethink Earth Architecture project, TAT Atelier Architects explore how Midjourney can aid architects’ processes to push their concepts beyond pre-existing limits. Following the input of a series of text-based prompts and further iterations, the program envisions this collection of surreal, organic structures. Phrases such as ‘earth house architecture’ and ‘unreal engine’ generate a futuristic architecture which becomes at one with the earth, emerging from within living organisms such as fungus, or natural landscapes such as stone mountains, to become habitable spaces.


The designers propose that artificial intelligence will simplify, aid and enhance the design process in architecture, from clarifying clients’ requirements and devising a design language, to ensuring the structure’s compliance with regulations such as building codes and zoning data, and beyond. The tools have the power to sort though endless data and generate countless design variations.

 TAT atelier renders surreal, futuristic architecture emerging from the earth using AI
TAT Atelier’s AI-generated architected grows among the earth’s fungi

 TAT atelier renders surreal, futuristic architecture emerging from the earth using AI
the futuristic, organic structures are generated following the text prompts: ‘earth house architecture’ and ‘unreal engine’



project info:


name: Rethink Earth Architecture
designer: TAT Atelier Architects | @tat.atelier
team: Ar. Jerin Jabir, Ar. Byrun Shabeer, Ar. Muhammed Basil  



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