tatiana bilbao reveals plans for botaniqo residential development in ecuador

tatiana bilbao reveals plans for botaniqo residential development in ecuador

tatiana bilbao reveals botániqo residential complex in quito


tatiana bilbao estudio and uribe schwarzkopf have recently unveiled ‘botániqo’, an innovative new residential development in quito, ecuador. situated within the growing cumbayá neighborhood, the nine-tower structure takes a human and community-centered approach to sustainable urbanism, encouraging occupants to connect with each otherand with the numerous newly generated shared spaces. 


botániqo will be a comprehensive residence spanning over three acres (12140 sqm), while an additional acre (4047 sqm) of terrain will be transferred to the city by uribe schwarzkopf for the creation of a new transportation hub that will accommodate more than 60,000 people per day. the newly revealed project serves as an accessible entry point for residents who want to live in the vibrant area and features several public-facing elements, including the creation of green space around the residential units.

tatiana bilbao reveals plans for botaniqo residential development in ecuador
views and near context – botániqo

all images courtesy of tatiana bilbao


shaped as a nine-tower structure with interlinked modules


as part of her design, tatiana bilbao (find more here) created a series of connected modules mixed with open and closed spaces which generate different shapes, so that each area is unique to its resident. comprised of 277 units in total, all nine towers include communal, flora-filled terraces around the midpoints of the buildings. meanwhile, at ground level, the project’s footprint takes up only 35% of allowable space, creating extensive communal green space and recreational areas which link the buildings together and unite the property.


‘I deeply believe that architecture must necessarily become a platform for each inhabitant to develop their own existence,’ shares tatiana bilbao. ‘in botániqo, the human being is at the center of both the concept and the space itself.’

tatiana bilbao reveals plans for botaniqo residential development in ecuador
diversity – botániqo


focusing on greenery and green areas


botániqo incorporates over 5000 sqm of green areas, with the project’s master plan creating harmony between the building and its surrounding environment. each tree in the terrain will be preserved and transplanted through a careful adaptation process, and then relocated within the project, maintaining the endemic vegetation of the area. additionally, the exteriors of botániqo create a living facade, featuring native plants from the region intertwining with the exterior of the building. the design thoughtfully incorporates vegetation across all nine towers, allowing them to reflect the lush landscape of quito. as a result, botániqo seamlessly blends into its environment, benefitting both the residents and the public. more than 50% of the materials used in the project will be of local origin, reducing the carbon footprint of the building’s construction.

tatiana bilbao reveals plans for botaniqo residential development in ecuador
topography – botániqo


breathing new life into the cumbayá neighborhood 


botániqo will provide a number of amenities, responding to the needs and preferences of every resident. specifically, the complex features a pool, paddle tennis, kids area, gym, spa, pet park, gaming area, meeting rooms, event spaces, and a multifunctional room. botániqo settles within the cumbayá neighborhood, an active area with numerous services including shopping centers, supermarkets, hospitals, schools, and universities. the new residential development will help bring all different establishments together, creating a vibrant community with a high quality of life for both residents and visitors alike.


the project will also breathe new life into an adjacent, existing scenic pedestrian path connecting botániqo to the new public transport station, which will come to life through a public – private partnership between the municipality and uribe schwarzkopf. its design will incorporate abundant vegetation, while it will also feature plenty of public meeting spaces, and allow for quick and safe pedestrian access to cumbaya’s main square.


‘the collaboration with tatiana bilbao estudio has been an extraordinary experience for us,’ says joseph schwarzkopf of uribe schwarzkopf (find more here). ‘her design of the public and private spaces, together with a visionary weaving together of a masterplan that will enhance residents and neighbors’ lives alike, has helped us completely advance our approach to healthy and sustainable urbanism.’

tatiana bilbao reveals plans for botaniqo residential development in ecuador
living – botániqo


speach – botániqo

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