techne adds pastel pink and blue tones to mammoth cafe in melbourne
all images by tom blachford




drawing influence from west coast america, a triangular plot in melbourne, australia has been occupied by a cafe designed by the architects at techne. called ‘mammoth’, the interior is defined by a splashes of blue and pastel pink colors, embodying a aesthetic taken from wes anderson films to create a calming, yet energetic space for coffee-drinkers and diners.

the ridged bar at the front is the focal point of the cafe




a sculptural front counter that incorporates bar-style seating greets guests, establishing a focal point within the room. the variety of seating styles capitalizes on the natural nooks that are created by the site’s irregular triangular floor plan. warmth is instilled in the interiors through the use of american oak on the benchtops and table surfaces. this is complemented with clean, simple white walls, and evokes a sense of space. splashes of blue are an instantly recognizable signature of the interior, with powder blue terrazzo flooring offsetting the metal legs of the stools.


techne-mammoth-cafe-australia-designboom-02close up of the detailing on the table



techne-mammoth-cafe-australia-designboom-02the white brick walls add texture to the space

techne-mammoth-cafe-australia-designboom-02the eatery draws influence from west coast america and wes anderson films

techne-mammoth-cafe-australia-designboom-02mammoth cafe signage

techne-mammoth-cafe-australia-designboom-02pink and blue detailing enlivens the space

techne-mammoth-cafe-australia-designboom-02the cafe sits at a corner of an intersection