discover the interiors of TECLA, a 3D-printed home made of clay by mario cucinella + WASP

discover the interiors of TECLA, a 3D-printed home made of clay by mario cucinella + WASP

mario cucinella architects and WASP have completed ‘TECLA’ — a 3D-printed habitat made entirely from raw earth. built in massa lombarda, italy, the experimental dwelling, which was previously featured on designboom here, proposes a sustainable habitat that can be 3D-printed in a small fraction of the time required by traditional processes, while also significantly reducing waste and emissions. following the completion of the structure, the practice has unveiled the first images of its warm interiors.

tecla 3D-printed home
all images by iago corazza



dubbed ‘TECLA’, after an imaginary city described by writer italo calvino, the name is also a portmanteau of ‘technology’ and ‘clay’ — referring to the construction material. in fact, this raw earth material is a blend between soil found onsite, water, rice husk, and a binder which only takes 5% of the whole composition. 3D-printing with clay ensures that the dwelling can be built anywhere in the world using local resources, particularly in rural areas where it’s not easy to find construction materials.

tecla 3D-printed home



built to adapt to multiple environments, the habitat will also be suitable for self-production through the use of WASP’s ‘maker economy starter kit’. this approach will limit industrial waste and offer a sustainable model that seeks to boost national and local economies — thus improving the well-being of communities. furthermore, used in the context of a wider masterplan, TECLA has the potential to become the basis for brand new autonomous eco-cities that are off the current grid.

discover the interiors of TECLA, a 3D-printed home made of clay by mario cucinella + WASP
mario cucinella (above) and his firm developed the project alongside 3D-printing specialists WASP



‘we like to think that TECLA is the beginning of a new story,’ explains mario cucinella, founder and creative director of mario cucinella architects. ‘it would be truly extraordinary to shape the future by transforming this ancient material with the technologies we have available today. the aesthetics of this house are the result of a technical and material effort; it was not an aesthetic approach only. it is an honest form, a sincere form.’



the prototype built in italy is an example of how this concept might evolve. it is composed of two interlocking domes and features a living open-space area and a bedroom space equipped with a small toilet. outside, a small lake collects waste and rain waters to be reused for the garden, while another cell with solar and thermal panels provides clean energy to the structure, and thus potentially making go of it a fully off-grid home. see designboom’s previous coverage of the project under construction here.

discover the interiors of TECLA, a 3D-printed home made of clay by mario cucinella + WASP



project info:


name: TECLA
architectural design and project management: mario cucinella architects
engineering and 3D printing construction: WASP


in collaboration with —
research partner: SOS – school of sustainability
materials consultancy and supply: mapei
structural consultancy: milan ingegneria
frames engineering and production: capoferri
bio-materials consultancy and supply: ricehouse
landscaping: frassinago
lighting design: lucifero’s
energy and internal comfort consultancy: ariatta
timber solutions consultancy and supply: imola legno
earthen floor supply: primat • terracruda
electrical solutions supply: cefla


under the patronage of: municipality of massa lombarda
sponsored by: ter costruzioni

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