teglværkshavnen block in copenhagen

it was recently announced that the tenth alvar aalto medal has been awarded to the danish architecture firm tegnestuen vandkunsten. this occasion marks the first time the award was given to a team of architects instead of an individual. tegnestuen vandkunsten has been practising for almost forty years, focusing primarily on residential architecture. they have been integrating ideas of communality, convertibility and sustainable development into their work for many years. the firm was a pioneer in developing socially and environmentally aware architecture, which was widely emulated. the alvar aalto medal is awarded every five years or so to ‘persons with significant achievements in creative architecture’. previous winners include alvar aalto, jørn utzon, tadao ando, glenn murcutt and steven holl.

http://www.vandkunsten.com http://www.mfa.fi

tegnestuen vandkunsten awarded alvar aalto medaldianas have at hørsholm, denmark

tegnestuen vandkunsten awarded alvar aalto medaltinggården residential district near køge

tegnestuen vandkunsten awarded alvar aalto medalhestra parkstad in sweden