located between tepoztlán and amatlán in the state of morelos, mexico, taller carlos marín and pasquinel studio introduce the casa de agua boutique hotel. set amid the exotic vegetation, the hotel consists of four concrete volumes which take full advantage of the rugged topography and the striking surrounding views.

tepoztlan hotel 1

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the hotel by taller carlos marín and pasquinel studio houses 11 rooms and is diluted through 4 volumes that allow for a balanced program arrangement. upon entering, an imposing staple of pigmented concrete intertwines with the beautiful tabebuias, forming the entrance frame. from this point, visitors continue to find the geographic peculiarity of the terrain, which takes center stage as it reveals the volcanic landscape.



tepoztlan hotel 2



thanks to the stony richness of the land and its strategic extraction, the project plays between solids and voids. the design turns voids into functional service spaces, bucolic landscapes and craters that become natural water mirrors due to rainfall. meanwhile, the solids are translated into wonderful fences and floors made by local craftsmen.

tepoztlan hotel 3



at the front, the terracotta-colored concrete volume that surrounds the rooms converges with the surrounding rock formations. this volume is fragmented by railings and doors which are made with the recycled wood and create a visual rhythm that matches the airy terraces. a geometric composition of light and shade is created between the columns and the wooden marimba that protects from the sunny blue sky of tepoztlan.

tepoztlan hotel 4



on the ground floor, one can find the restaurant and yoga room made with recycled wooden floor. within the complex, the natural slope of the terrain along with a landscape allowed the creation of meeting spaces for architecture and nature. overall, the project managed to rescue 99% of the species found in the site. in the back, the amenities building houses the hotel’s kitchen and bar, massage room, gym, temazcal and common showers.

tepoztlan hotel 5



the ground volume also shelters, along with a volcanic stone wall and recovered vegetation, the pool and lily pond. the basement comprises the warehouses and machine rooms, as well as treatment tanks to reuse water collected from rooftops and distributed through channels. 

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project info:


name: casa de agua boutique hotel
architecture office: taller carlos marin, pasquinel studio
lead architects: carlos marin, crimson pasquinel 
location: tepoztlán, morelos, mexico 




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