tham & videgård uses statistics to generate sweden’s most sought after home
all images courtesy of tham & videgård arkitekter




after analyzing 200 million clicks and 86,000 residences on hemnet, a swedish property site, architects tham & videgård have created the country’s statistically most sought after home. the design of the dwelling is based on user preferences including size, price, number of rooms, bathrooms and floors.


the scheme comprises two parts: a red wooden cottage that represents history, local resources and craftsmanship, and a white box which stands for modernity, optimism and industrial development. the aim was to create an architecture that combines the statistics with the characteristics of the two typologies ‐ the rationality of the functionalist box and the material presence of the falu red cottage.

the design is based on two parts: a red cottage and a white functionalist box




‘the result is partly a mathematical translation of the statistical 1.5 floors within a cubic volume, which is fully utilized by fitting in a terrace and a double height void on the upper level,’ explains tham & videgård.


this corresponds to statistics that indicate a desire for a balcony and an open kitchen, which has been interpreted to make the kitchen one of the home’s most important social spaces. furthermore, a terrace is inscribed within the cube, providing a sunny private area protected from the wind.

an open kitchen is one of the home’s most important social spaces




the façade is made of standard wooden boarding mounted onto a curved nailing batten to achieve material presence that references sweden’s detailed timber architecture. the wave shaped panels, which are painted in traditional falu red, create an enhanced depth and shadow effect.

a tiled bathroom is illuminated from above

sectional drawing detailing the internal layout of space



tham & videgard arkitekter the hemnet home sweden designboom
tham & videgard arkitekter the hemnet home sweden designboom
tham & videgard arkitekter the hemnet home sweden designboom


project info:


architect: tham & videgård arkitekter
team: martin videgård, bolle tham, johannes brattgård
year: 2014‐2015
size: 120 sqm
client: hemnet
price: €300,000 euro