the architect’s house in klecinski park by arc2
fabryka projektowa
image © jaroslaw ceborski
all images courtesy of arc2 fabryka projektowa




polish studio arc2 fabryka projektowa has recently finished the ‘architect’s house’, a single family residence for an architect in wroclaw’s klecinski park. the cuboid structure exhibits a stacking of sharp orthogonal volumes clad in varying colors of tecu patina copper sheets. large sliding glass walls frame views of the surrounding green landscape at different heights and directions, reflecting the sky above at the same time when looked at from the ground.


the home is organized into three levels that represent three zones: utilities on the ground floor, day functions on the second level, and night functions on the third. a board-form concrete stairwell bisects the programmatic elements of the house bringing light deep into the center through the skylight and light reflecting walls. almost every room contains an operable transparent facade that when opened allows the characteristics of the exterior define the interior spaces. hard reflective surfaces make up the inside and outside of the house, opposing the ruggedness of the site but also providing many moments where the site is experienced through mirrored reflections throughout the structure.

cantilevered walkway offers a vantage point wrapped in glass guardrails
image © jaroslaw ceborski

deck extending the kitchen and dining area
image © jaroslaw ceborski

dining room
image © jaroslaw ceborski

living room
image © jaroslaw ceborski

loft bedroom
image © jaroslaw ceborski

central concrete stairwell
image © jaroslaw ceborski

(left) white tyvek curtains provide privacy while maintaining a light airy space
(right) bathroom
image © jaroslaw ceborski



arc2: the architect\'s house in klecinski park
arc2: the architect\'s house in klecinski park
arc2: the architect\'s house in klecinski park
arc2: the architect\'s house in klecinski park
arc2: the architect\'s house in klecinski park



project info:


function: single-family house
designers: arc2 fabryka projektowa
location: wroclaw, park klecińska
start of project: 2009
completion: 2014
area: 200 sqm
authors: mariusz szlachcic, dorota szlachcic
photography: jaroslaw ceborski