‘wild (x)ing’ by the olin studio all images courtesy the olin studio




american architectural firm the olin studio has been selected as one of the five finalists for a next generation wildlife crossing at west vail pass, colorado in the united states. the competition is intended to solve the problem of ensuring safe travel for humans and wildlife. ‘wild (x)ing’ is based around the shape of a rhomboid, as it offers structural strength, dynamic flexibility and efficient modular patterning.

the olin studio: wild (x)ing




the innovative use of the toroid, as a framework for the diagrid superstructure and habitat module offers adaptability to any wildlife crossing, using a universal geometry to generate the system’s form. it will accommodate growth and change of the transportation  infrastructure network, allowing highways to be increased in width and corresponding crossings to be enlarged, reduced or removed for re-use at any given time.

the olin studio: wild (x)ing

the doubly curving shape of the diagrid structure resembles and reinforces existing corridor conditions, supports a mosiac of habitat modules  and creates a divisible geometry which can be segmented into a set of identical structural components.

the olin studio: wild (x)ing

the olin studio: wild (x)ing site plan

the olin studio: wild (x)ing exploded view

the olin studio: wild (x)ing section view