sri lanka-based designer thilina liyanage envisions a compact ‘ocean cabin’ dwelling, delicately suspended atop a coastal landscape. the tiny cabin is expressed as a faceted volume, suggesting a continuation of the rocky landforms below. while the architecture celebrates the formal language of its natural context, the built form does not seek to integrate into it. the work instead separates itself, introducing an atmosphere of complete isolation — this quality is exaggerated with its location atop a large rock, similarly detached from the ground.

thilina liyanage ocean cabin
model and visualization © thilina liyanage | @thilinaliyanage



by emphasizing the isolated nature of his ‘ocean cabin,’ architect thilina liyanage introduces an experience dominated by circulation. approaching the dwelling, whose site extends past the coastline, the visitor must ascend multiple flights of stairs which hug the rock. inside, the double-height interior is occupied by a final flight of stairs which lead from a lofty living space to the intimate mezzanine sleeping area. the compact interior is opened up with a dramatic, full height wall of glazing looking outward to the cliffs and ocean horizon. even the sleeping space, nestled into the uppermost peak of the A-frame, is opened from above by a faceted skylight.

thilina liyanage ocean cabinthilina liyanage ocean cabin thilina liyanage ocean cabin thilina liyanage ocean cabin



project info:


project title: ocean cabin

architecture: thilina liyanage | @thilinaliyanage

completion: 2021