isern serra curates modular interiors for fashion brand 'thinking mu' in barcelona

isern serra curates modular interiors for fashion brand 'thinking mu' in barcelona

thinking mu pops up in barcelona


On Barcelona‘s vibrant Rambla de Catalunya, fashion brand Thinking Mu opens a new pop-up store with minimalistic, gallery-like interiors by Spanish designer Isern Serra and his team. This space breathes life into the ethos of the sustainable company by drawing influences from its motto, ‘Por amor al arte,’ or ‘for the love of art.’ Through sculptural design objects, collaborations with local artists, and partnerships with other Barcelona-based brands, the spaces unfold to combine a trend-setting gallery and contemporary retail interior captured here by photographer Salva López.

thinking mu barcelonaimages © Salva López



isern serra draws from the brand’s philosophy


The design team, led by Isern Serra, sought to create a flexible space for Thinking Mu that could easily adapt to both current and future collections. This current collection reflects the brand’s commitment to passion-driven endeavors, a message echoed by the opening of this location along Rambla de Catalunya, one of the most vibrant streets in Barcelona. Inside the space, a dialogue between design, craft, and function infuses each displayed object with a distinctive character. Thus, the project serves as a canvas for the brand’s narrative, treating each piece as an artwork. The brands and artists displayed as part of the collection include Rowse, GIGI Studios, Ölend, Deren Rice, and Alejo Palacios.

thinking mu barcelona
with interiors by Isern Serra, Thinking Mu’s pop-up shop opens on Rambla de Catalunya



raw materials and modularity


The team behind Thinking Mu advocates for natural and ecological manufacturing, a principle deeply ingrained in the brand’s history and design philosophy. This interiors project by Isern Serra translates this ethos into the physical realm, employing natural and organic materials that impart a raw, human essence to the space. By embracing raw materials, the design underscores Thinking Mu’s authenticity and environmental consciousness. The pop-up shop, designed to operate for three months, features a modular and transportable design using wooden and metal furniture. Each piece is crafted to be replicated in other spaces and cities across Europe. This intentional design decision empowers the brand to transport its unique identity to multiple locations in the future.

thinking mu barcelona
the versatile space will host rotating collections in collaboration with local and international artists and brands thinking mu barcelona
the use of organic materials conveys a raw and human touch isern serra curates modular interiors for fashion brand 'thinking mu' in barcelona
each piece of furniture within the space is treated as a unique work of art


Isern Serra draws from Thinking Mu’s dedication to natural and ecological manufacturing

isern serra curates modular interiors for fashion brand 'thinking mu' in barcelona
starting with a vision of simplicity, the space is cleansed and bathed in warm tones


modular and transportable wooden and metal furniture lend an adaptable configuration

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