thomas schütte: holiday home for terrorists
thomas schütte: holiday home for terrorists
nov 30, 2012

thomas schütte: holiday home for terrorists

‘holiday home for terrorists’ by thomas schütte, mösern, austriaimage © nic tenwiggenhorn



hidden within the thick forest in mösern, western austria, on the quaint property of polish art dealer rafael jablonka, is the ‘holiday home for terrorists’by german artist thomas schütte. originally existing only as an architectural model, jablonka commissioned the model to be built on the propertyof his summer home. the dwelling seems to borrow from the famous farnsworth house, with two wooden planes separated by an inset glass wallthat wraps the entire plan. two sculptural concrete cores placed in the space help to hold up the roof structure as well as delineate different functions,with an integrated kitchen, fireplace, bathroom and bed. colored full-height curtains may be closed for privacy or opened to submerge the interior withsurrounding forest landscape. the simple contemporary home seems a quaint abode in a lovely setting, however this residence will never be lived in, or visited by anyone but the owner for that matter.


the project is architecture; it’s purpose, however, is art. schütte originally modeled this idea in response to the 9/11 attacks on the world trade centertowers, where he was astonished by how officials immediately looked to put blame on the architectural plans. the modern residence is ironicallya criticism on contemporary architecture, and as such, the owner has no intentions of moving in or opening it to the public, he only wants to keep it as full-scale art.



thomas schütte: holiday home for terroristsglass wall wraps the entire structureimage © nic tenwiggenhorn



thomas schütte: holiday home for terroristsimage © nic tenwiggenhorn



thomas schütte: holiday home for terroristscolorful curtains can be drawn for privacyimage © nic tenwiggenhorn



thomas schütte: holiday home for terroristsentranceimage © nic tenwiggenhorn



thomas schütte: holiday home for terroristswood interior and dining areaimage © nic tenwiggenhorn



thomas schütte: holiday home for terroristssculptural concrete cores image © nic tenwiggenhorn



thomas schütte: holiday home for terroristskitchen integrated into the coreimage © nic tenwiggenhorn

  • Yup. But don’t forget this is probably some of the smallest waste people ever did. If it’s art, it’s probably not the most expensive or useless piece of art either. And yes, this is where our world is now. People who afford to waste things are free to do so.
    Nevertheless I appreciate the spirit here, because architecture is not art and it should not be used as such. Architecture should indeed come with a strong sense of responsibility.

  • Space in between Tow Horizonlal slabs,… very modern… but see very little surroundings. Sad to see an architectural instrument missing that may gave a breezer?

  • I think Dan was much more eloquent and to the point- this guy IS an asshole…I’d love to live there..what about all the homeless people- this crap is more important???Big disconnect between the 1% and the rest of us. What an utter wretch of human being- I guess he is himself an unoccupied waste of space…..How many architects do we really NEED?

  • If the dude owns the land he’s building on and has all the resources to do so, then let him building something only he can visit.

  • I don’t get it.

  • As Utah Phillips once sang, ” By Gawd, that’s moose turd pie, it’s good though.”

  • Paedra, Well said!

    Sergio Stanislauskas
  • Seems like a waste of money and resources, for a home which will never be occupied. Why not, in the name of fine art, create a beautiful, warm dwelling where people who do not have access to such things can live. This seems less like a criticism of modern architecture and more of a slap in the face for those less fortunate.

  • This space needs a christening
    needs a good dance of the spirits
    the incorporation to “stage” a performance
    a performance to emptiness
    to where no life will go
    to where no love will be shared
    to the hole into which civilization has taken the mind

  • If this is art my name is Einstein. This is a scam to get around building permission in the middle of the Austrian country side! A house is not a house – it’s art! -I must remember that one!

    Dr Design

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