three-generation family house blends into pine tree forest in vietnam

three-generation family house blends into pine tree forest in vietnam


nghia architect builds a multi-generational villa 


hidden among a pine tree forest in vietnam, ‘villa LP’ by nghia architect takes shape as a massive structure that blends into its greenery surroundings. designed to accommodate a three-generation family, the dwelling seeks to meet the various lifestyles, ages, and personal needs of its inhabitants. the elderly members have been living in this area for a long time and have a strong connection with the neighbors, while their children and grandchildren are familiar with the modern way of living in foreign countries. therefore, the resulting structure fuses the traditional vietnamese lifestyle with a modern interpretation of living abroad. three-generation family house blends into pine tree forest in vietnam

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maintaining the existing pine trees 


‘villa LP’ mixes traditional architectural elements with modern touches to meet the requirements of all its residents. 

the key element for the design was to host big gathering spaces, where the members can interact and spend time together, yet come closer to nature for quality time when needed. thus, the architects formed spaces that can open up and close down flexibly, and also can connect effectively with the nature surrounding the house. underneath the existing forest, a big courtyard blurs the boundaries of inside and outside allowing a seamless transition between them. there, a spiral staircase penetrates the roof and leads the owners to a wide veranda that literally sinks into the lush greenery. 


during the construction, the design team sought not to intervene in the existing forest, leaving most of the preexisting trees untouched. in fact, the building was designed in a way to spread out in different directions horizontally, leaving room for the pine trees to thrive. and in some cases voids on the ceiling let them pierce the structure, bringing nature closer to the living space.  three-generation family house blends into pine tree forest in vietnam



pops of green penetrate the house 


the interior is divided into three living blocks: two sleeping unions on the side of the structure, guest rooms at the back, and a big kitchen and dining area in the heart of the house serving as the main communication space. when it comes to materiality, concrete and natural wood complete the design. the bare concrete surface and the wood pattern aim to create a rustic and natural feeling but still ensure the elegance and intimacy of the modern lifestyle.


from afar, the large structure can only be distinguished by the outline of the roofs on the two levels. this construction is also special because of its sophisticated roof structure that goes beyond the structural system which gives the building a gravity redefining look. the thin and light canopy running along the length of the building creates a wide, open porch filled with green nature, and under the 30 meters long canopy there is no sign of any structural column. in front of the kitchen block takes shape a wide, open patio, where the residents can sit and interact, enjoying the blue sky under the trees.three-generation family house blends into pine tree forest in vietnam





three-generation family house blends into pine tree forest in vietnam

three-generation family house blends into pine tree forest in vietnam




project info:


name: villa LP

architects: nghia architect

architect in charge: nguyen tuan nghia
design team: tran ngoc anh, tran anh dung, nguyen binh duong

location: ba vi – ha noi, vietnam

area: 5,000sqm
construction time: 2019-2021
partners: B-UP construction, ha lam interiors, eleganz furniture vietnam, alis lighting



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