espaço P2 architects introduces the ‘ti clara’ house in ansião, portugal — a renovation, photographed by josé campos, which transcends the physical limits of the traditional heritage building. together with the practical architectural elements of the project, the portuguese studio works to harness the historic nature of the surrounding area to generate the quiet, familiar atmosphere of the space. the design team comments on the project: ‘the history of its inhabitants were considered. memories, dreams and desires are represented in objects that have been kept for generations. these have been incorporated into the new space.’

ti clara espaco P2
all images by josé campos | @josecamposphotographer



in the renovation of the ‘ti clara’ house, espaço P2 architects respects and preserves the architectural language of the historic context. in the design approach, the team revitalizes a functional, material, and technical strategy that responds to the client’s living requirements. the collection of interior spaces is organized with a clarity and rationality, while a fundamental preservation of the domestic scale maintains the familiar and sensorial character of the farmhouse typology.

ti clara espaco P2



espaço P2 architects makes use of construction techniques and materiality to express its goal of keeping the ‘truth’ in architecture. traditional and locally-sourced materials are treated with care and craftsmanship, and are expressed in a contemporary manner with clean lines and minimalist detailing. while a collection of furniture pieces are custom-designed according to the needs of each space, this work is complemented with a selection of existing furniture that has been carefully restored. these simply-designed, modern accents in dialogue with a rough historic language offers the new living spaces a more intense, comfortable, and welcoming atmosphere.

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project info:


project title: ti clara house

architecture: espaço P2 architects | @espaco_p2

location: ansião, portugal

photography: josé campos | @josecamposphotographer