MUTANT architecture merges angled volumes to generate the TILT house

MUTANT architecture merges angled volumes to generate the TILT house

the house built on a tilt


portuguese studio MUTANT architecture & design presents its TILT house, built in the residential neighborhood of gondomar just east of porto. the organization of the dwelling is informed by its site, which is defined by a slight slope and its close proximity to the street and neighboring houses. the plot faces two separate streets, each at a different height. the team tells designboom that this condition ‘promoted the possibility of deploying the house at an intermediate level and thus strategically separating the pedestrian access from the car access.’

tilt house mutant architecture
images by ivo tavares studio | @ivotavaresstudio



MUTANT architecture’s design process


with its TILT house, the team at MUTANT architecture & design (see more here) experiments with angled geometries. the volume was generated through the action of ’tilting,’ or rotating a preliminary shape along three-axes. the resulting tilted space — the primary volume — hosts the social areas of the dwelling.


the design team continues: ‘this movement made it possible to define the main entrance and, at the same time, enhance the space destined for the pool patio, giving it privacy in relation to avenida miguel bombarda, characterized by a greater influx of traffic. this movement also adds a dynamic change to the ceiling height of the home, enhancing the area destined for the living room.’

tilt house mutant architecture



the organization of the tilt house


in defining the program across the rest of the TILT house, MUTANT architecture looked to the movements of the sun. bedrooms face east, away from the road and look out toward a private garden. meanwhile, the master suite is oriented south, connecting to the pool area. the kitchen is nestled in the center of the house, serving as a nexus between the scattered private spaces. this centralized room further benefits from views of the property in each direction along with natural sunlight from the east, south, and west at once.

tilt house mutant architecture tilt house mutant architecture tilt house mutant architecture


MUTANT architecture merges angled volumes to generate the TILT house



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