timber ribbons encircle the quezon day center by yuusuke karasawa architects
image © yuusuke karasawa architects




plans have been completed for the quezon day center by japanese studio yuusuke karasawa architects to be built in the coming year.  While the project is primarily suited for use as a kindergarten and nursery, the architects expanded its function by extending its use to the community. the structure is intended to house public and private gatherings communal events and informal activities. the circle, a shape with no beginning or end, and a shape considered for centuries as a unifying symbol is gestalted by a series of intertwined wooden ribbons. each sweeping plane folds around itself so that roof becomes wall, floor, bridge, and threshold. radially symmetrical plans define a penetrable form enclosing a large green multipurpose space that can accommodate any kind of activity.

side view
image © yuusuke karasawa architects



center area used by children and adults alike
image © yuusuke karasawa architects



image © yuusuke karasawa architects



curved walls provide a form of privacy while still being open to each other and the elements
image © yuusuke karasawa architects



semi private spaces
image © yuusuke karasawa architects



image © yuusuke karasawa architects








project info:



project name: quezon daycenter
building type: multi purpose housing
location: quezon,republic of the philippines
stories: 1 floor
architects: yuusuke karasawa architects—-yuusuke karasawa,principal-in-charge
consultants: structured environment—alan burden, structural
structural system: timber structure
major materials: hard cypress(wall),white concrete,hard cypress(flooring)
site area: 2,382.51m2
footprint area: 281.25m2
total floor area: 95.55m2
design: 2010-2014
construction: 2015