the family-owned tiny house designers behind tinyhousenyc have built a mini home on wheels with an extendable roof that when elevated reveals a second story. devasa is a novel home that once parked up and expanded can sleep up to a family of four and when on the road, is legally towable.

this tiny house on wheels has a raising roof that reveals a second floor

images courtesy of tinyhousenyc



the portable abode measures 23.5 ft (7.16 m)-long and 12.5 ft (3.81 m)-tall when in the lowered position and 17 ft (5.1 m)-tall when raised, offering impressive 6.5 ft (2 m)-high ceilings upstairs. floor space totals approximately 300 square feet with the roof up or down. on the first level there is a kitchen, a smallish living room, and a bathroom. 


the devasa’s roof is raised and lowered by four motorized screw jacks located on each corner tiny house designers have said. this function can be powered via the trailer tongue using a a 12-volt car battery but alternatively, should the battery die or the motor fail, it is possible to operate the jacks manually. the devasa is up for sale with no word on its price. contact information for the tiny house manufacturer is on their website.