GO'C completes 'tinyleaf,' a compact outpost embedded into the northwestern woods

GO'C completes 'tinyleaf,' a compact outpost embedded into the northwestern woods

tinyleaf: a cabin to respond to the Land and Seasons


Seattle-based architecture firm GO’C has completed Tinyleaf, a minimalist cabin embedded into the scenic Methow Valley of Washington. Designed for an outdoor enthusiast, the project prioritizes a connection with the surrounding landscape and provides a functional living space within a compact footprint — it is located along a steep slope in Mazama and partially bermed into the hillside. This design strategy creates a strong visual connection to the topography and considers the region’s distinct seasons. The dramatic views and opportunities for year-round recreation, from mountain biking in summer to cross-country skiing in winter, informed the focus on adaptability.

tinyleaf GO'C
GO’C’s Tinyleaf cabin is built for an outdoor enthusiast in Mazama, Washington | images © Ben Lindbloom



GO’C designs for efficiency


The architects at GO’C complete Tinyleaf as a first phase for a larger residential project, allowing the client to begin enjoying the property while planning for future expansion. The team’s brief was to create a roughly 15’x22′ cabin that maximized its connection to the outdoors. Large glazed sliding doors on the south facade open the living space to the surrounding landscape, expanding the usable area during milder months, while the flat roof functions as a rooftop deck and provides thermal mass by retaining snow in the winter. The cast-in-place concrete exterior walls further integrate the cabin into the natural environment.

tinyleaf GO'C
embedded into the hillside, the cabin offers postcard views and caters to year-round recreation



multifunctional interiors and natural materials


The interiors of Tinyleaf are designed by GO’C to reflect a simple material palette of concrete and wood, creating a unified and efficient space. Much like a ship’s cabin, the compact interior incorporates hidden storage solutions throughout. A compact kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom utilize shared storage volumes to separate the areas while maximizing functionality. The raised bed conceals large drawers for everyday items, with additional deep storage accessible behind these movable drawers. Pull-out panels from the thickened wall between the kitchen and bathroom provide pantry and utility storage for the main space, while offering additional storage on the bathroom side. Natural light floods the space through expansive exterior glazing and a linear skylight that washes the rear wall with light.


The exterior material selection ensures the cabin respects the landscape and weathers gracefully over time. Steel cladding and awning panels develop a natural patina, while the concrete walls echo the tones of the surrounding rocks. This thoughtful material selection allows Tinyleaf to appear as if it has always been a part of the site, harmonizing with its environment throughout the changing seasons.

tinyleaf GO'C
Tinyleaf is designed as a first phase for the site, which will soon include a larger house tinyleaf GO'C
the flat roof doubles as a deck and provides thermal mass in winter tinyleaf GO'C


strategic storage solutions are hidden throughout the minimalist interior

tinyleaf GO'C
the cabin’s materials are chosen to blend with the environment and age gracefully


a shared storage wall separates the compact kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom

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