tirana-2030-general-local-plan-stefano-boeri-designboom-05tirana city council last week approved the general local plan ‘tirana 2030’ designed by SBA (stefano boeri architetti), together with UNLAB and IND offices. It is an ambitious and major project that will open a new stage for the future of the albanian capital.

tirana 2030 stefano boeri designboom
the plan has been designed by SBA (stefano boeri architetti), together with UNLAB and IND offices



the new general local plan includes the entire metropolitan area of ​​tirana and also takes into consideration rail links with the airport and the port of durazzo, green areas and green corridors, public transportation, new areas of controlled development and the enhancement of the architectural heritage of the city.




stefano boeri’s proposal avoids the city growing beyond its current boundaries, thanks to planting an ‘orbital forest’ of 3 millions of new trees. tirana will grow in intensity along its historical paths – boulevard dëshmorët e kombit, the second and the fourth ring, tirana-durazzo axis and the 5 development areas- without natural or agricultural soil consumption, but rather multiplying green areas, facilities and public spaces. thanks to the creation of two green rings inside the central area, suitable for cycling and walking, of a big natural oasis around the lake farka and of new green strips along water flows, green surfaces in the city will triplicate.