TOP 10 bridges of 2014




bridges have always been invaluable structures. typically designed out of necessity, these spanning connectors have helped establish communities, and have turned small villages into thriving metropolises. the past twelve months has seen a diverse variety of schemes both proposed and completed around the world, with our 10 most popular projects incorporating a wide range of materials and taking various forms. continuing our annual review of the year’s BIG stories, we take a look at the bridges that caught our eye in 2014.






elevated bike lane by dissing + weitling

TOP 10 bridges of 2014 designboom
image © ursula bach / dissing + weitling architecture




working alongside the municipality of copenhagen, local architecture practice dissing + weitling has designed ‘cykelslangen’, an elevated bike ramp that cuts across the city harbor. the long bridge takes off from havneholmen and continues on a winding course along fisketorvet towards the shopping center’s main entrance, while offering enough space for quicker cyclists to pass slower cargo bicycles.






schaufelschlucht bridge by marte marte

TOP 10 bridges of 2014 designboom
image © marc lins




as the second in a series of three bridges, marte marte architekten have completed ‘schaufelschlucht’ along a mountain road in western austria. the monolithic concrete form is composed with curving geometries, which are intended to display the structural forces it negotiates and express the contours of the land. spanning a length of 16.5 meters over a stream-filled gorge, the arching underbelly rises from a rocky hillside on its more open side to reach a short tunnel.






jetty to mont saint-michel by dietmar feichtinger architectes

TOP 10 bridges of 2014 designboom
image © mathias neveling




a jetty from the normandy coastline to mont saint-michel, designed by dietmar feichtinger architectes, opened for pedestrian access earlier this year. the project replaces an existing causeway which produced undesirable build up of sediment, due to limited ability for water flow. the elevation of the bridge way alleviates this issue, creating a continuous current around the island. the path offers a promenade for visitors, with expansive views to the impressive medieval mountain village and estuary context.






køge north station by COBE

TOP 10 bridges of 2014 designboom
image © COBE, dissing + weitling and COWI




it was announced this year that a team comprising COBE, dissing+weitling and COWI had been chosen to complete a major traffic hub within the copenhagen area. opening in 2018, ‘køge north station’ will serve as a major transport interchange where high-speed trains and freeways meet. in its entirety the project consists of pedestrian bridge, a railway station and an associated park and ride facility.






merchant square footbridge by knight architects

TOP 10 bridges of 2014 designboom
image © edmund sumner




in september, a movable footbridge designed by knight architects opened to the public in london’s merchant square – a mixed-use waterfront site at paddington basin. working alongside structural engineers AKT II, the cantilevered design spans 20 meters across the grand union canal connecting the development. using hydraulic jacks, the bridge is envisioned as a kinetic sculpture that opens in a way similar to that of a traditional japanese fan.






bridge at buen by 3XN

TOP 10 bridges of 2014 designboom
photo by adam mørk




as part of a masterplan for mandal, norway’s most southern city, 3XN designed a pedestrian and bicycle bridge connecting the emerging cultural district. responding to the neighboring ‘buen cultural centre’, completed by the same office, the plan engages with surrounding materials and forms, uniting both structures. both the building and the bridge share a white and light expression that compliments the region’s wooden houses and narrow streets.






11th street bridge park by OMA + OLIN

TOP 10 bridges of 2014 designboom
image © OMA / luxigon




in october – after a seven-month nationwide competition – it was announced that OMA + OLIN had been selected as the design team for washington D.C.’s first elevated park. traversing the anacostia river, the design will transform a freeway bridge into a vibrant civic space, not only linking the two sides of the river, but also serving as an engaging point of reference within the city. the mixed-use development will include an environmental education center, performance spaces, public art related to the region, inclusive play areas, urban agriculture and kayak/canoe launches.






olhafen bridge by schneider + schumacher

TOP 10 bridges of 2014 designboom
image © schneider + schumacher




at the start 2014, frankfurt-based architects schneider + schumacher finalized the construction of ‘ölhafen bridge’, a curved structure spanning the entrance of an industrial harbor in raunheim, germany. the bridge emphasizes the concept’s leisure use, offering unobstructed views across the water. situated along the river main, the scheme features a spiraling access ramp leading into a 70 meter span that provides a direct and continuous path for both pedestrians and cyclists.






peace footbridge by dietmar feichtinger architectes

TOP 10 bridges of 2014 designboom
image © dietmar feichtinger architectes




this curved steel and timber bridge by dietmar feichtinger architectes spans 157 meters across the river rhône in lyon, france. the asymmetrical design consists of two arched platforms that offer pedestrians and cyclists the option of entering at different heights on either side of the river. the separate pathways converge at a central plaza in the middle, creating a space where people can stop along their journey and enjoy views out over the water.






rheinring arch by marco hemmerling

TOP 10 bridges of 2014 designboom
image © marco hemmerling




located at the rhine carée between the two major bridges, the hohenzollernbrücke and the deutzer brücke, the ‘rheinring’ proposed by marco hemmerling represents the center, as well as the link, between the two halves of cologne, germany. the circular construction concept, developed by stefan polonyi, serves as an attractive pedestrian walkway directly accessible from the historical altstadt to the west, and from the rhine boulevard to the east.