TOP 10 residential projects of 2013




it stands to reason that as our homes are where we spend the majority of our lives, they become personal extensions of ourselves – our own individually crafted environments where we are able to retreat from the outside world. consequently, no two dwellings are alike, with materials, spatial organization and decoration varying from abode to abode. of course, residential buildings are also places of congregation, providing the setting for a dinner party or the location for a family gathering. each of our ten most popular dwellings, documented below, elegantly combine these public and private spaces, establishing unique properties which serve as bespoke backdrops for the daily lives of their inhabitants.  



villa kogelhof by paul de ruiter


TOP 10 residential projects of 2013
photo by jeroen musch
image courtesy of paul de ruiter architects




an exercise in self-sufficiency, ‘villa kogelhof’ is an autonomous carbon-neutral dwelling located in noord-beveland in the netherlands. the paul de ruiter designed building is part of a protected 25 hectare plot, a popular tourist destination and home to a variety of rare animals and plant life.






tucson mountain retreat by DUST


TOP 10 residential projects of 2013
image © jeff goldberg / esto




the sonoran desert is mystical environment replete with warm hues and expanses of arid-appropriate greenery. among the eroded sculptures of rocky outcroppings and complex reliefs of nearby arroyos, a rammed earth home designed by local firm DUST lightly touches the landscape.






house K by sou fujimoto


TOP 10 residential projects of 2013
image © iwan baan




sou fujimoto‘s ‘house k’ is a voluminous, crescent-shaped home in northeastern osaka’s dense urban fabric. pressed against the neighbors’ homes on three sides and bordered by a grove of trees, the rectangular volume literally grows out of the ground with a gentle concave motion until it peaks at the eastern-most point.






18.36.54 house by daniel libeskind


TOP 10 residential projects of 2013
image © nikolas koenig




located on a 54 acre meadow in connecticut, USA, and surrounded by 250 year-old oak trees, ‘18.36.54 house’ by daniel libeskind uses a faceted structure to frame dynamic views from all angles of the site.  the structure’s outer skin is comprised of reflective copper panels, while the interior is rendered in deep-toned wooden planks providing a warm elegant feel.






the wall house by FARM


TOP 10 residential projects of 2013
photo by bryan van der beek / edward hendricks
image courtesy of FARM




providing separate accommodation for retired parents and one of their children, a large double-storey central courtyard links the two blocks of this home which has been purposefully built as two distinct volumes. ‘the wall house’, designed by FARM, adjoins the main floor dining and living areas of each dwelling with a granite floored patio in which six willow trees have been planted.






white cave house by takuro yamamoto architects


TOP 10 residential projects of 2013
image courtesy of takuro yamamoto




the carved out volume of ‘white cave house’ by japanese firm takuro yamamoto architects is formed by a series of interconnected voids in the shape of a kinked tube. located in kanazawa city, japan, an area known for heavy snowfall, the white minimal house features numerous external spaces.






da-house by igor sirotov


TOP 10 residential projects of 2013
image © igor sirotov




‘da-house’ references japanese residential architecture through its use of materials and its close relationship with nature. situated on the black sea, ukrainian architect igor sirotov has utilized concrete and glass extensively, seeking to establish a traditional yet modern home, while the greenery employed demonstrates a clear connection with the natural environment in which the dwelling sits.






ramat hasharon house by pitsou kedem architects


TOP 10 residential projects of 2013
image courtesy of pitsou kedem architects




pitsou kedem architects have constructed an elegant private residence situated between two courtyards, flooding the home’s interior with natural light. as a result ‘ramat hasharon house 13′, a brilliant white cubic volume, is able to form an intimate relationship with its surrounding environment.






summerhouse lagno by tham & videgard


TOP 10 residential projects of 2013
image © Åke E:son lindman




swedish firm tham and videgard have completed a summer home in stockholm, a series of concrete volumes which hearken to a boathouse typology characterized by a span of transverse gabled roofs. the pleated effect creates a sequence of varied room heights and opens the possibility for a completely open living area.






cliff house by mackay-lyons sweetapple architects


TOP 10 residential projects of 2013
image courtesy of mackay-lyons sweetapple architects 




‘cliff house’,  a 960 square foot cabin on the atlantic coast of nova scotia, provides its owners with a simple and peaceful retreat. the design, completed by mackay-lyons sweetapple architects, comprises a modest timber box projecting from the cliff’s edge, which gives its occupants the illusion of floating over the ocean below.