‘tower | city | tower’

‘tower | city | tower’, a skyscraper project that seeks to restore the natural dimension of the city of marseille while taking into account the constraints of its urban landscapes. marseille is the second largest city of france where issues of urban sprawl has become increasingly evident.

this proposed skyscraper design offers the opportunity to rethink all the functionalities, needs and demands of the city, especially in terms of population density and all the activities involved such as work, housing and transportation.

tower, city, tower   skyscraper competition ‘tower | city | tower’ detail

‘tower | city | towers’ suggests to deconstruct the existing city and rebuild it on the vast sea areas of marseille. marine life would be taken into account as reconstruction would take place above – and not in – the sea. in undertaking this shift, the landmass would be given the opportunity to restore itself and facilitate the regrowth of the natural landscape.

tower, city, tower   skyscraper competition ‘tower | city | towers’ modules

the design of the project presents a set of raised modules. the classical framework of a city such as streets, roads, housing units, green spaces, schools and transportation infrastructure are retained within these modules while fields and woods, as well as a direct connection to the sea, are also offered to each inhabitant.

tower, city, tower   skyscraper competition

materials gathered from the ruins of the former city is recycled as the raw materials for the reconstruction.

tower, city, tower   skyscraper competition ‘tower | city | towers’ modules situated in the sea areas of marseille, france

‘tower | city | towers’ was designed by a team of parisian architects for the 2010 skyscraper competition. the team consisting of deric fourie, dan bernos, michael menuet, pablo del amo, received special mention from evolo magazine for their submitted entry.