settling along a forest path near bruges, in the pyrenees area, kika merlin and tobias knockaert introduce the ‘boomkamp’ treehouse hotel, aiming to provide an alternative vacation experience. the treehouse complex consists of six elegant wooden structures, providing a chic glamping touch, with a tarpaulin roof that gives off that blissful camping feeling.

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the couple has realized the boomkamp project, drawing influence from their own experience and interests; merlin works in a hostel, while knockaert owns a metal product design company. having spent their summer holiday in the scenic landscape of bruges, they decided to find a way to convince local people to explore the forests and less known places away from the popular city center.

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heavily inspired by childhood memories of playing in treehouses, the design began. although the initial conversations with local authorities were not very promising, in the end, a property was found. the whole project was carried out according to specific guidelines and constraints; permission to exploit is only temporary, so we had to figure out a way how to easily install and remove the treehouses without bringing harm to the trees and leave no trace.

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the treehouse consists of a steel base, topped with a multiplex construction and water/fire resistant fabric for roofing. it features a big window in front, a 180 x 200 cm bed, and a small terrace where guests can enjoy the sunset. the whole construction is kept stable between 4 trees and 8 cables at a solid height of 3.5 m. a firm staircase is used to access the treehouses. 

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project info:



name: boomkamp
designers: kika merlin, tobias knockaert
location: ryckevelde forest, bruges, belgium



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