drawing influence from their childhood memories, architects steven wladimir robayo rodriguez and yasin lopez el amrani have realized their own concept of a treehouse, proposed to settle around a serene lake in rural france. the project has been selected among the finalist entries in the competition for young architects ‘tree house module’ 2020 edition,  launched by the company ‘dartagnans’. 

night in a tree 3
all images courtesy of steven wladimir robayo rodriguez and yasin lopez el amrani



‘how many of us have not dreamed when we were children of having a place to play, away from the world, for ourselves or to share with friends?’ robayo rodriguez and el amrani wonder. ‘a place where we can get there by bike, climb up some planks tied to the trunk until we reach the top, where we can play and dream of stories and adventures’. the project is born from a child’s interpretation of a treehouse, aiming to create an environment that takes us back to a time and place, where we feel safe, at peace, and where everything around us becomes a big playground. the proposal goes beyond architectural programming and becomes a complete interior experience, allowing users to rediscover past moments between the folds of memory, within a personal refuge. 

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each treehouse embodies a simple construction with clean lines, settling harmoniously next to the water, without having to destroy the environment for its construction. the treehouse modules appear as wooden and glass polyhedra with two levels and a large window, opening towards the exterior, keeping residents in close contact with nature. either from the structure cantilevered 3m above the lake surface, or from the units right on the ground that open towards the water, the residents feel like they’re floating, while enjoying great panoramic views and becoming one with the overall natural habitat. 

night in a tree 2

treehouse modules set around serene lake in france make you feel like floating on water


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project info:


name: night in a tree
architects: steven wladimir robayo rodriguez, yasin lopez el amrani
location: france



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