consisting of a furniture craftsman and an architect, banana drive studio has created a new glamping unit designed to be attached to a small truck. the project takes shape as a light, low-rise tent emerging from a box base made with wood and steel frames. the structure adopts an open character, allowing users to form a close bond with nature, while providing necessary camping amenities. 

glamping unit 1
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with conventional campervans creating a rigid boundary between humans and nature, and their tall height generating an imbalanced accident-prone structure, banana drive wanted to create a safer alternative with an open character. therefore, the team designed a low, lightweight installation on top of a 1ton truck — but hopes that in the future it can acquire a kei-truck, the most popular small truck in japan. while driving, the system remains closed, appearing as a single wooden box on the truck carrier. users can then open the box seal and spread the tent open when they’re ready to stop and camp. 

glamping unit 2



the box part is made with steel frames, outfitted with insulation, as well as waterproof sheet and finishes. the roof, which presents itself when opening the box top, is made of tent fabric, allowing the natural light and wind to permeate the interior. banana drive has also incorporated a stove and a sink, which work without electricity. the weight of the unit is 260kg including the furniture.





the studio has started a crowd-funding project with the target of 2,000,000 yen (= $16,000). the funding money will be used to purchase a second-hand kei-truck, improve for parts and make a new glamping unit. the rewards include rental of the unit, advice for a campervan DIY project, etc.

glamping unit 3


project info:


name: glamping unit
designer: banana drive
visit glamping unit’s crowdfunding page on motion gallery, here



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