trungtranstudio designed a house for a young couple and their children inspired by the father’s childhood house that was hidden under green trees. the idea was to recreate his childhood home in a land with many big lush trees located on a gentle hillside of vitenam. the client wanted a simple house bearing the traditions of the old northern house, but still exuding the breath of the northwest mountains.

tb house house of trees 1
images by trieu chien



trungtranstudio embarked on the design of the house with an understanding of the brief and the importance of keeping the trees and stones that existed for a long time. the house is designed with only one floor, with low elevations from the outside, gradually rising to the back with an improvised floor plan. the interior space has a simple division with a cave in the front with a paved yard for parking. stepping up the steps is the entrance hall and living room, the kitchen area is on a separate side, the dining and playing area of the house.

tb house house of trees 2



the living room is designed with wood and old wooden chairs. all 3 bedrooms are moved to the back of the house to ensure privacy and avoid noise when the house is crowded. each bedroom has windows that open to different gardens where there are large trees radiating green shade. a playground in the back with a small stone hill is reserved for the children and the owner when they need to be quiet and read their favorite books. the two sides of the house are fences built of dark black stone taken during the excavation of the foundation pillars of the building and the leveling of the courtyards.

tb house house of trees 3



the wall is black and gray, very rustic, reminiscent of the stone walls of the ethnic people in the mountain. the whole house is built with red bricks without plaster, the roof is covered with red tile, the type of tile that is often roofed in the northern countryside. the house has windows that are maximized, making the space inside and outside the house become one. sitting in any position you will see a courtyard, a big tree with gray stone walls surrounding them.

tb house house of trees 4



the house is reminiscent of old houses with mottled moss-covered roofs and gray walls that fade in time. there is a  harmony created by the rough bricks, rough stones, peeking under the green groves. the house carries a very light breath of color, peace, and cohesion.

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project info:


name: TB-house

designer: trungtranstudio

location: vietnam

area: 180 sqm

photography: trieu chien


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