the trust for governors island has revealed plans to develop a center for climate solutions on new york city’s governors island, leveraging the site’s unique waterfront location as a public living laboratory. the proposed center will provide a central convening spot for researchers, advocates, innovators and students from around the globe focused on climate change solutions, while offering meaningful opportunities for public engagement, bringing hands-on education, programming and advocacy initiatives around climate and environmental issues directly to new yorkers. the trust’s proposal comes as the ongoing pandemic has underscored the need for coordinated, cross-sector planning that centers equity around the world’s most urgent issues.

governors island climate center
design and visualizations by WXY architecture + urban design / bloomimages



the trust for governors island projects that the center for climate solutions will directly generate 8,000 new jobs and $1 billion in economic impact for new york city. currently under design development, the proposal could include an academic or research anchor institution to study the impacts of climate change to advance related fields. this institution will bring climate science, policy, communications, climate justice initiatives, and solution development under one roof. next, a living laboratory will showcase solutions and invite conversations on the environment through public art and programming. the center will further comprise a platform for environmental justice organizations and environmental non-profits to research, host programs and convenings, and connect with new yorkers.

governors island climate center



with the proposed center for climate solutions, the trust for governors island will support the academic anchor with an immersive community of dormitories. the project will introduce a progressive space for policy, advocacy and programming organizations to engage with the island’s nearly one million annual visitors. mayor bill de blasio comments: ‘governors island has a distinguished past in new york city, and an even brighter future. we’re proud to continue the growth of governors island as a resource for new york city to fight climate change, create jobs, and showcase our city’s world-class research and scientific talent.’

governors island climate center



in the coming months, the trust for governors island will work with stakeholders, local elected officials, agencies and new yorkers to help bring the center for climate solutions to life. a proposed rezoning of the south island will bring a resilient, mixed-use climate innovation district. the new district would allow for academic, commercial, non-profit, cultural, convening and hospitality facilities. the rezoning proposal, expected to enter the city’s formal public land-use review process in october, would extend uses allowed in the north island to designated south island development sites to support a year-round, 24/7 mixed-use district, anchored by an educational or research center. all buildings across the development sites will strictly adhere to flood-resistant construction methods.

governors island climate center governors island climate center governors island climate center



project info:


project title: center for climate solutions

non-profit developer: trust for governors island

architecture: WXY architecture + urban design

location: governors island, new york city, NY
visualizations: bloomimages