roman gulyaev, maria tsakharias and oleh motorin designed ‘TS’ apartment in russia based on the idea of creating a comfortable environment to meet modern human needs. to them, the year 2020 has changed our perception of everyday life and living space so it became necessary to create a clean and spacious room for a long stay at home. in their work, they have tried to design a ‘new reality’ with an emphasis on modern materials, lighting, and furniture.

ts apartment 2
images courtesy of roman gulyaev, maria tsakharias, and oleh motorin



roman gulyaev, maria tsakharias, and oleh motorin used lighting as the main focus in some areas of the house creating different moods and atmospheres. in the living room, they used a light-scattering canvas with RGB-modules allowing them to control the color and light throughout the room. with the help of programming, they were able to create smooth color schemes in the form of gradients to create the desired atmosphere and mood—ranging from a romantic dinner to a small party with friends.

ts apartment 3



the absence of the usual dining area was the main challenge to the modern requirements for the design of the space. cooking is not included in the daily schedule of the owner of the apartment. as a rule, he uses ready-made food delivered from cafes and restaurants. in exceptional cases – for self-cooking with an abundance of smells, such as steaks, the designers integrated a multifunctional kitchen fenced off from the main room.

ts apartment 4



the master bedroom, made in shades of gray, creates a soft, enveloping atmosphere that is conducive to sleep. instead of the usual wardrobe closet, they used metal crossbars for clothes. they do not visually load the space, but solve the problem of the need to store clothes. this area is closed by an authentic door with an uzbek pattern, which the designers gave a second life to. it fit seamlessly into the room, and a neat cut along the entire length made it possible to make a double-leaf door out of it.

ts apartment 5




the bathroom is made using a single material, which made it possible to achieve visual integrity and a seamless space. the lighting in it is made using a light-scattering screen at the ceiling level, with the temperature and saturation regulated, and an achieved effect similar to natural lighting.

ts apartment 6



the new reality in which we found ourselves showed that the workplace is necessary for the house. the designers tried to create a room that is conducive to productive and long-term work while being clean and devoid of unnecessary details. the use of white textured plaster combined with polished steel creates contrasts while being complementary. the guest bathroom is designed with a minimum amount of furniture and accessories, it’s an absolutely clean room with an accent in the form of a freestanding sink in bright blue.

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project info:


name: ‘TS’ apartment

designers: roman gulyaev, maria tsakharias

3D-visualizer: oleh motorin

location: moscow, russia


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