slanted corners and generous openings enliven 'apartment S' in tokyo

slanted corners and generous openings enliven 'apartment S' in tokyo

Tsukagoshi Miyashita Sekkei completes ‘apartment S’


Japanese studio Tsukagoshi Miyashita Sekkei recently completed ‘Apartment S’, a new three-story residential complex in suburban Tokyo. The building features a basement with the owner’s studio and two upper stories holding apartment units for renters.


Prior to intervening, the architects noticed how poorly lit and ventilated the lower floors were compared to the uppermost level. Wanting to rectify those conditions, they slanted the ceilings at certain corners and installed a series of tall windows beside them, bringing in plenty of indirect sunlight and natural air throughout the day. The resulting angular design and generous openings ultimately took over the three floors, maintaing spatial harmony and comfort throughout.

apartment s 3
window in the southwest corner jutting out to extend interior space | all images © Jumpei Suzuki 



uisng bent surfaces and windows to optimize comfort


Specifically, the team at Tsukagoshi Miyashita Sekkei bent the basement ceiling along the east to create an entrance and along the western corner, where a tall window floods the space with soft sunlight. Moving to the ground floor, the ceiling slopes at the northwest and southwest corners, each fitted with a high window overlooking crossing points for better privacy. Furthermore, the opening in the southwest corner juts out as a bay window to expand the interior where the space narrows. 

apartment s 2
view from the west, with bent ceilings seen through the window



As a result of the slanted ceiling corners, both overground levels are punctuated by bent floor slabs, each offering a unique space for use. Along the ground floor’s extended and slanted floor slab, the team added a countertop serving as a multi-use fixed furniture piece: table, wash place, kitchen, desk, and shelf. Meanwhile, the bent floor slab in 1F’s northwest corner serves as the back of a sofa bench and a large windowsill in the southwest corner. ‘Residents’ domestic life therefore happens mostly around the corner windows,’ writes the studio. ‘We believe the interaction between the residents through the bent floor slabs makes life in this apartment complex rich.’

apartment s 4
the basement entrance’s bent ceiling creates terraced steps


apartment s 9
1F: the bent floor at the northwest corner becomes the back of a sofa bench

apartment s 10
night view from the northwest corner







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