mexico-based CO-LAB design office presents the tulum treehouse, nestled in the among the tropical jungles of the caribbean coastline. a design hotel, guests at tulum treehouse are elevated to the lush canopies of the yucatán peninsula. situated along a coastal road near the sian ka’an biosphere reserve, this private residence is a collaborative effort between local artisans, builders, designers and tulum-based CO-LAB design office. the project is built with environmental sustainability as one of the foremost priorities. the white concrete structure intertwines with the surrounding jungle through its wraparound terraces, indoor and outdoor dining spaces, and spacious bedrooms among the trees.

tulum treehouse CO-LAB
all images by brechenmacher baumann



while the team at CO-LAB design office come from a diverse array of backgrounds, the studio is committed to using local, organic, sustainable materials and practices in the design of tulum treehouse. with curated interiors by annabell kutuco with CO-LAB, each space effortlessly speaks to the tropical context. handwoven bejuco baskets by a local artisan sit side-by-side with oaxacan ceramics from la chicharra and textiles by mexican brand caravana. furnishings are crafted by a local family of carpenters who upcycle local timber sourced after having fallen during storms. sustainably harvested local tzlam wood — a caribbean walnut — contrasts throughout the house with artisanal white cement to create serene rooms full of light, shadows, and gentle breezes.

tulum treehouse CO-LAB



the dense nearby mangrove jungle feeds a great diversity of fauna and flora and purifies the local water source. a beach road leads from the treehouse to the main entrance of the sian ka’an biosphere reserve, a national park home to jaguars, panthers, crocodiles, dolphins, and other exotic species, as well as a spectacular terrain of mayan ruins, pyramids, canals and lagoons. 

tulum treehouse CO-LAB



tulum is also home to the world’s second biggest coral reef, the mesoamerican barrier reef system, which extends from mexico to honduras and nurtures a spectacular array of coral, fish, and other sea life. to help protect the fragile ecosystem, tulum treehouse relies on a full solar setup, with a backup generator, a two-pronged water treatment system and rainwater collection system.

tulum treehouse CO-LAB

tulum treehouse CO-LAB

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project info:


project title: tulum treehouse

architecture: CO-LAB design office

location: mexico

program: designer hotel

interior design: annabell kutucu + CO-LAB design office

photography: brechenmacher baumann