‘arne garborg’ by TYIN tegnestue architects, trondheim, norway
image © pasi aalto
all images courtesy of TYIN tegnestue architects




TYIN tegnestue architects debut their first international structure in norway, the arne garborg addition to a single family house. in adherence to local building codes, the walls gain a robust 30 cm and the roof half a meter thick- easily controlled by the studio as they took over every aspect of the design and build. the new construction creates a new spacious entry with a combined laundry and bathroom. as the wooden structure grows in elevation it also gradually breaks away from the host building before wrapping back around to enclose the space. this creates a larger ceiling plenum over a multifunctional loft. apertures of varying sizes dot the exterior pine-clad envelope either providing light or specific views from different parts of the interior. the extension also stands as a challenge to the existing vernacular, pushing the boundaries of the allowable building forms in the area- a design move that has warranted both praise and skepticism within the community.



entrance under the new addition
image © pasi aalto



view of the larger living room space

image © pasi aalto



image © pasi aalto



living room interior
image © pasi aalto



image © pasi aalto



spacious interior flooded with natural light
image © pasi aalto



wall sheathing detail around window openings
image © pasi aalto



image © pasi aalto



loft space
image © pasi aalto








project info:



location:        trondheim, norway
client:            vivian helene bye og tom erik kroknes
project:        simgle family house extension
cost:            1 300 000 nok / 157 000 eur
building period:    september 2011 – january 2014
area:            48 sqm