‘alienware pop-up store‘ in hangzhou, china, takes form as a glazed round structure topped by a huge UFO-shaped roof. gramco company sought to design a visible landmark building located in one of the most popular and lively tourist spots in china, among numerous brand stores with a dense flow of passers-by. the overall exterior wall is made up of several large transparent glasses, giving the impression of a floating roof.UFO-shaped roof tops glazed 'alienware pop-up store' in chinaall images courtesy of ruijing photo


located at a crossing of the pedestrian street, the planned space spans eight meters in height and length while opening on all sides. in order to make the most of the site, the architects sought to provide access to the store from any direction. ‘we started our design with a conception likepowerful alien beings arrive to earth with their best equipment, which is the alienware products, and land the UFO down next to the west lake,’ said junichi eto.UFO-shaped roof tops glazed 'alienware pop-up store' in china



the store has a huge UFO-shaped roof supported by an illuminated pillar in the middle. the whole building is circular, so people can see it completely from any position around it. meanwhile, rest benches are set around the perimeter of the glass wall serving also as a gathering point.UFO-shaped roof tops glazed 'alienware pop-up store' in china



the huge roof on the top prevents direct sunlight and shelters the store and people under it from wind and rain. upon entering the store, accessories are displayed on the surface around the central illuminated pillar, and PCS and monitors are placed on a circular display table on the outer ring of the pillar, just like the scene that gears are falling down from the floating UFO.UFO-shaped roof tops glazed 'alienware pop-up store' in china

UFO-shaped roof tops glazed 'alienware pop-up store' in china



project info:


name: alienware pop-up store

designer: gramco

design principal: junichi eto

project manager: peng liao, ziyun mo

design team: tao chen, yuyang yao, yankun duan

loction: hangzhou, china

photographer: ruijing photo



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