spruce is the most common tree in sweden


sweden based studio UMA experimented with materials found in nature to create ‘the spruce hut’ in the heart of a swedish forest. spruce is the most common tree in sweden, and makes up for more than 40 % of the whole tree population. the tree has adapted to the climate in the northern hemisphere and has a lot of clever winter adaptations.


for example, its conical form and downward-drooping limbs help the trees to shed snow better. they also have a waxy coating around the needles to conserve water during the sometimes cold winters where they live, when soil water is frozen and not available for the tree to use. these sloping evergreen branches often touch the ground and make the spruce almost into a solid entity.

spruce hut 1
the spruce hut blending in the swedish forest

all images courtesy of UMA


the spruce hut fuses with the lush green surroundings


the spruce hut is the latest addition to the primitive hut series that UMA has developed. the main idea behind this series is to explore and create shelters from basic materials often found in nature around them.
this primitive hut is comprised out of three spruce trees where a room was cut out in the intersection of the trees. this process makes the interior much more spacious than if the designers would have only used one tree since the stem would have been in the way. this hut sits in the middle of a swedish forest, completely blend in with its lush green surrounding.

spruce hut 2
diagram of how the spruce hut was made

spruce hut 3
the entrance in hidden among the trees

spruce hut 4
view from inside the spruce hut


project info:


name: spruce hut
designer: ulf mejergren architects (UMA)

location: sweden



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edited by: yasmina karam | designboom