undulating solar pavilion shelters visitors and harvests sunlight at dutch design week

undulating solar pavilion shelters visitors and harvests sunlight at dutch design week

solar pavilion by v8 architects and marjan van aubel studio


At Dutch Design Week 2022, V8 Architects and Marjan van Aubel Studio’s ‘Solar Pavilion’ presents a new perspective on solar energy, spotlighting the importance of the sustainable energy resource while embedding it into daily culture. Redefining technical elements of solar harvesting beyond their basic function, the pavilion calls for a transition from solar technology to design with a vibrant sensory display. The undulating steel structure enlivens a central square in Eindhoven with 380 colored solar PV panels that shelter a public gathering space while generating energy and heat. Presenting mix-use opportunities, the pavilion encourages visitors to rest in the comfort of the heated shelter within, engage in talks and performances at the ‘Circle’ podium, or climb up to its top and overlook the square amid a field of solar panels.

solar pavilion drafts a new perspective on solar energy 1
‘Solar Pavilion’ by V8 Architects and Marjan van Aubel Studio | all images © Aiste Rakauskaite



from solar technology to cultural solar design


Built for Northern Europe’s largest design event, the central ‘Solar Pavilion’ fuses practical construction with delicate technology, comprising a curving sheet of glass solar panels stretched amid four steel masts. Following the festival’s creative theme ‘Get Set’, Netherlands-based V8 Architects and solar specialists Marjan van Aubel Studio collaborated with over a dozen professionals to design a structure that functions as both a solar harvesting device, and a lively public space.


The multifunctional pavilion comprises three distinct spaces where visitors can experience the poetic, sensory nature of the sun in different ways. The ‘Solar Field’ encourages visitors to embark on a colorful journey to the rooftop viewpoint emerging from within the solar panel canvas. Here, the structure’s ‘practical’ construction, including its wires, connections, and discs, have been left visible and embraced as part of the design. Within, ‘The Alcove’ shelters visitors and warms them through solar powered infrared panels, emulating the sensation of the sun throughout the day and night. ‘We use technology to represent a natural phenomenon and harvest the energy for it from that natural phenomenon itself. So, the Solar Pavilion depicts the sun’s energy and cooperation.’ explains Michiel Raaphorst of V8 Architects. Meanwhile, the Solar Biennale’s reflective ‘Circle’ installation hosts a range of talks and performances, and provides areas for seating at pavilion’s core.

solar pavilion drafts a new perspective on solar energy 2
visitors can ascend through the roof and overlook the square amid a field of solar panels



calls for a ‘solar revolution’


Calling for a ‘solar revolution’, the design team proposes a more personal and culturally integrated perspective on solar energy, demonstrating how renewable energy processes can be experienced in fresh ways. Michiel Raaphorst continues: ‘Currently, energy is only harvested in a techno-functional way. We explore how to integrate the sun’s energy into our daily lives so that we can love and embrace it.’


‘The Netherlands has a long tradition of making the environment as profitable as possible and is known worldwide for its designed solutions. In our drive to make our planet more sustainable, combined with our energy hunger, rooftops and fields are now being used to generate solar energy. This approach increasingly clashes with our landscape and cities,’ explains the team.

solar pavilion drafts a new perspective on solar energy 3
380 vibrant solar PV panels form the undulating roof


solar pavilion drafts a new perspective on solar energy 4
Solar Biennale’s moving ‘Circle’ installation hosts a range of talks and performances


solar pavilion drafts a new perspective on solar energy 5
a staircase invites visitors to interact with the pavilion and the public square

dutch design week
the installation calls for a ‘solar revolution’ at Dutch Design Week



project info:


name: Solar Pavilion
designer: V8 Architects & Marjan van Aubel Studio
program: Dutch Design Week 2022

dates: 22 to 30 October, 2022

location: Eindhoven, the Netherlands



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