UNStudio has won a competition to build a new bridge over the danube river in hungary. located in the southern area of budapest, the new road, tram, pedestrian, and cycle crossing will reduce traffic congestion and accelerate the development of the former industrial region. titled the ‘new budapest bridge’, the landmark structure has been designed to operate as a clear gateway to the city — connecting the districts of újbuda and csepel.

unstudio budapest bridge
all images courtesy of UNStudio | main image by AV-render



UNStudio’s design is the result of a thorough urban study that considered context, proportion, structural optimization, accommodation of exist­ing constraints, and the future vision of the city. ‘it was essential that the bridge would be in harmony with budapest — which owes much of its configuration to the surrounding landscape — and its future vision,’ explains ben van berkel, founder and principal architect at UNStudio. ‘it was also important that the bridge enable unobstructed views below and above the bridge deck. we wanted it to operate as a clear gateway to the city, like an inviting gesture of hands.’

unstudio budapest bridge



the cable stayed bridge has a span of 220 meters (722 feet), and offers unobstructed views. the pylons are crafted from steel and finished in a white paint coating with a sheen — a finish that lends the bridge an ever evolving appearance. ‘the coherent design and lighting of the gates and piers make for an elegant evening view, worthy of a budapest bridge,’ commented the competition’s jury. ‘this is exactly the sort of solution needed for supporting the development of the city sub-center, and for extending the core of budapest southwards.’

unstudio budapest bridge

unstudio budapest bridge
site plan



project info:


architect: UNStudio (ben van berkel with kristoph nowak and leon hansmann, jay tsai)
engineering: buro happold (davood liaghat, edmund matters, anthony holder, laura phillips)
client: UNStudio kiemelt kormányzati beruházások központja nonprofit zrt.
(KKBK centre of key government investments nonprofit plc.)
visualizations (CGI): VA render