a consortium including UNStudio presents its winning design of the elysion conference center in the netherlands. standing as a new landmark building in eindhoven, the project will be entirely designed, built, financed, and operated by the consortium including design studios quant architecture and DVP. the comprehensive extension, including a monumental auditorium, will be located in brainport eindhoven, europe’s leading innovative top technology region.


UNStudio’s design for the elysion conference center is structured around five innovations — high impact landmark, low impact on surroundings; a foyer that connects people and program; green surroundings and a sustainable approach; a new mobility hub for brainport, and a flexible solution for feasible exploitation.

UNstudio elysion
visualizations by flying architecture



UNStudio with the elysion consortium proposes a unique design solution which extends the congress center alongside the existing building. the project is characterized by its cantilevered auditorium, placed on top of the building, which makes it possible to keep the existing hotel and conference center fully operational during construction, while creating a distinct building with access to green park space. the auditorium is divided into four independent smaller auditoria, enabling smaller conferences to take place simultaneously within the building. retractable seating makes it possible for the lower auditorium to host a banquet hall while the other conference rooms are in use. meanwhile, a recording studio in the conference center will make it possible to host hybrid online and live events. 

UNstudio elysion



the elysion consortium is comprised of a global team of architects, contractors, consultants, and financiers. to form the elysion consortium, DVP (diepenhorst de vos and partners) and UNstudio join forces with van der valk as client/operator and contractor huybregts relou. together with the design team of van der valk, tielemans for structure and quant architecture, the team was completed with additional specialists in theatre technology and acoustics (PBTA), MEP and BREEAM (DVP smart concepts), cost consultancy (ISIS bouwadvies) and future congress (sixfingers).


the UNStudio-designed elysion congress center has become part of the region-deal brainport eindhoven, with completion expected in 2025.

UNStudio + elysion consortium to top dutch conference center with cantilevering auditorium



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project info:


project title: elysion conference center

location: brainport eindhoven, the netherlands

architecture: UNStudio, quant architecture, DVP (diepenhorst de vos and partners), van der valk

structure: tielemans

theatre technology and acoustics: PBTA

MEP and BREEAM: DVP smart concepts

cost consultancy: ISIS bouwadvies

future congress: sixfingers

visualizations: flying architecture