UNStudio has developed plans to transform hilversum’s media park in the netherlands into a vibrant destination for media content creation. the urban vision responds to new technologies and shifting consumer demands. the plans include potential programmatic, spatial, and infrastructural development models that hope to fully prepare the site for the future. in the vision, the phased transformation of existing areas, as well as new interventions, responds to the already present shifts in the media landscape, while short and long-term strategies for future scenarios offer solutions for those that have yet to occur.

UNStudio hilversum media park
all images and video courtesy of UNStudio



UNStudio’s plans revolve around five ‘pillars of growth’. firstly, the urban vision aims to create an industry hotspot by enabling cross-disciplinary links between different creative talents. secondly, the media park seeks to present a vibrant public interface that includes open air studios and meeting venues as part of a thriving ‘social ecosystem’. thirdly, the scheme intends to be part of a vibrant community where creatives are able to live 24-hour lifestyles.

UNStudio hilversum media park
the media park has been conceived as a diverse hub of industry and content creation



naturally, technology is also an integral part of the project with spaces made available for research into technologies such as hologram tech and artificial intelligence. a proposed app specific to the media park will also inform users about issues such as climate, navigation, available meeting spaces, and employment opportunities. ‘when utilized and applied correctly, technology can not only make cities smarter, but also more humane, social and inclusive,’ explains UNStudio’s ben van berkel. ‘sensor-based technologies also enable you to design and operate city districts and individual sites in ways that are highly relevant to their specific conditions and to their end-users.’

UNStudio hilversum media park
the scheme would present a vibrant public interface



finally, the urban vision extends the green vegetation to the west of the site into the park — resulting in a healthy environment. the vision incorporates traditional amenities, such as sports and recreation areas, while unlocking other solutions, such as urban farms.

UNStudio hilversum media park
the plans cater to lively, 24 hour lifestyles



more specifically, the urban vision for the hilversum media park introduces five possible new zones: the creative hub, which includes work and education facilities, the main public plaza, and film and exhibition spaces; the T-campus, comprising labs, studios, offices and sports facilities; media citywalk, offering studios, food and beverage outlets, a conference hotel, and spa center; tech-mix, which comprises media tech-focused work and living spaces; and media downtown, a mix of destinations for work and living.

UNStudio hilversum media park
the creative hub



in terms of mobility and sustainability, the development will introduce park and ride facilities with a cable car connection, and the widening a nearby bridge to increase capacity. bike and pedestrian paths are seamlessly incorporated within the park to encourage green modes of transportation. the addition of vegetation, re-use of resources, non-polluting modes of transport, climate-neutral buildings, and the use of solar panels will help reduce the site’s carbon dioxide emissions by 90% by 2050.

UNStudio hilversum media park
programming and land use

UNStudio hilversum media park
a series of new destinations would be created

UNStudio hilversum media park
UNStudio’s vision proposes five ‘pillars of growth’ for the park



project info:


type: media park

client: hilversum municipality, hilversum media enterprise 

location: hilversum, netherlands
building surface: 36,000 sqm
building volume: 188,350 sqm
building site: 87,800 sqm

program: mixed use 

status: urban vision


UNStudio: ben van berkel, caroline bos with christian veddeler, ren yee, dana behrman and maria zafeiriadou, pedro silva costa, pietro marziali, teun bimbergen