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URB set to develop the world’s largest decarbonized agritourism hub in dubai

urb unveils plans for dubai’s new ecotourism monumental


Strengthening its foothold as one of world’s leading tourism destinations, Dubai is set to transform its desertscape to house a giant eco-friendly agritourism monument. Proposed by architectural practice URB, the Agri Hub will be fully powered by renewable energy, weaving retail, commercial, educational, and leisure facilities in a serpentine metallic form that integrates with its natural context.


The project is driven by the emirate’s wider initiative to position itself as a global benchmark for rural ecotourism. Promoting a green economy and fostering sustainability of the local communities, heritage, and cultural landscapes, Agri Hub will enhance the lives of farmers whilst enriching the environment and local culture.

URB set to develop the world’s largest decarbonized agrotourism hub in dubai
Agri Hub winds through the desert of Dubai | all images by URB



promoting a green economy for the rural community


Inviting tourists for an educational and recreational experience in the heart of the desert, URB’s Agri Hub will boast a nature and heritage conservation center, and ecotourism and restorative wellness facilities, as well as an Agri-tech institute creating a collaborative research and innovation ecosystem. Altogether, over 10,000 new jobs across various sectors will be generated, promoting a green economy for local rural farmer residents, and enhancing their quality of living.


In its design and typology, the monumental structure topped by a delicate geometric design gives visitors a sense of being immersed in nature, both inside and out. As it winds through Dubai’s lush landscape of palm trees and farmland, the design team continues to integrate natural elements within the interior too.

agri hub
intertwining retail, commercial, educational, wellness and leisure facilities



The Agri Hub will serve as a blueprint for decarbonized rural destination of the future, starting with offsetting its embodied carbon emissions from construction and operation. Other environmental features will include its 100% renewable energy and water recycling systems, bio-saline agriculture, green transit systems and onsite zero waste management.


Baharash Bagherian, CEO of URB, notes: ‘Agri Hub will provide spaces for local farmers to sell their products directly from their farms, whilst offering a new eco-friendly shopping, dining & edutainment experience for visitors. Beyond becoming a new tourism experience in the countryside and wilderness of Dubai, the project will also promote greater health, wellbeing, and prosperity for rural local inhabitants.’

dubai agritourism hub 8
the world’s largest agritourism project will create over 10,000 jobs

URB set to develop the world’s largest decarbonized agrotourism hub in dubai
URB will be offsetting embodied carbon emissions from construction to operation


a collaborative ecosystem in research and innovation

dubai agritourism hub 6
visitors will be able to enjoy local organic cuisine straight from a farm in the restaurants



project info:


name: Agri Hub
architecture: URB
location: Dubai, UAE



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