daniel arsham incorporates monumental artworks into ursa's façade in miami design district

daniel arsham incorporates monumental artworks into ursa's façade in miami design district

the miami design district unveils its next iconic building


‘the ursa’ is the new iconic building set to unveil in the heart of the miami design district. located in the renowed  luxury neighborhood, the project will rise fifteen stories to house 180,000 sqft (16,723 sqm) of offices and a retail space with a museum-quality exterior on the ground floor. the ursa — designed by arquitectonica, with interior art and furniture by daniel arsham — will stand out with its distinctive look and world-class amenities and conveniences for the modern workplace, offering miami a new working experience.


‘we are thrilled to be bringing the ursa to the miami design district. integrating state-of-the-art workspaces into the neighborhood has always been a part of our plan. people want to work in centers of creativity, culture, and commerce; and the district really provides the type of environment where innovation can take flight,’ said craig robins, chief executive officer and president of dacra. ‘beyond providing office space in the neighborhood, the ursa as a structure itself adds to the beauty of the miami design district. arquitectonica has created an iconic, elegant, and functional building that highlights both art and natural beauty. we couldn’t be happier with the design and know that businesses will find a special place to call home within the ursa.’the ursa is set to bring a new work experience to the heart of miami design districtimages courtesy of miami design district



pops of green embrace the building


developed by miami design district associates (MDDA), a joint venture between dacra, l catterton real estate, and brookfield properties, the ursa will be the first new class office building in the neighborhood. the building contains abundant outdoor space, bringing a fresh touch of nature within. moreover, landscaping and lush greenery (designed by island planning corporation (IPC)) decorate the forefront of the building, taking shape as staggered planters adding vivid pops to the otherwise glazed façade.


each floor is outfitted with its private balcony and floor-to-ceiling windows providing its users with panoramic views. simultaneously, these wide openings create a visual contact with the neighborhood, blurring the boundaries between the outside and inside. the rooftop garden taking over indoor and outdoor space is accessible to all tenants, highlighting the experience. meanwhile, technology will be fully integrated throughout the building, with 24/7 onsite security and property management services. 


‘the building will mark the western gateway to the miami design district in a design that combines miami’s outdoor living with a boutique office building. the district not only has one of the most impressive collections of art and architecture, but also is lined with a stunning native landscape palette throughout. the tree-lined streets of the neighborhood served as the inspiration for bringing the landscape into the building as a series of stepped planters that wrap around the building alongside terraces for the floor-to-ceiling glass office spaces. we are excited to work with dacra and the team to bring the project to the design district,’ said raymond fort, senior associate, arquitectonica.the ursa is set to bring a new work experience to the heart of miami design district



integrating museum-quality art


in keeping with the neighborhood’s commitment to art, culture, and design, the ursa provides a unique office experience with museum-quality art. inspired by sculptural reliefs from greek and roman antiquity, daniel arsham has created new monumental site-specific artworks to be incorporated into the façade of the building. the interior lobby of the ursa will also feature artworks and furniture specifically designed for the location. 


‘having an almost life-long personal presence and relationship within the design district it’s an honor to be invited to collaborate with dacra on the ursa. the integration of the surrounding tropical landscape with world-class architecture, contemporary art, and design sums up, to me, what is special about miami and this neighborhood specifically. i expect this building to become a landmark to the city and an important example of how art and architecture can coexist in exciting new ways,’ said daniel arsham, famed contemporary artist and founder of architecture and design company snarkitecture.


the ursa is expected to be completed by fall 2024 with the first tenants moving in by winter 2024.daniel arsham incorporates monumental artworks into ursa's façade in miami design district

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