‘bardill studio’ by valerio olgiati, scharans, switzerlandimage © archive olgiati



linard bardill, a song writer, has a space of reflection and work in the protected village of scharans in the swiss landscape

by acclaimed architect valerio olgiati. in situ red concrete walls exhibit a cast rosette pattern that gives way to a large, 

round opening in the atrium. the pieces of sky invited into the architecture become part of the tectonic palette 

of the space, while the former barn keeps the volumetric relationship of the old building.  the building is imbued

with grandeur and geometric clarity as it respects the small-scale village that houses it. the 800 inhabitant town 

now counts among its architectural makeup an anti-house of sorts, with no windows or traditional idea of a roof;

however, one that uses the elements of the built form to frame the sky and harness the colors of the earth.





valerio olgiati: bardill studio, switzerland

red in-situ concrete creates the envelope of a building form that revels in earth and sky image © archive olgiati



valerio olgiati: bardill studio, switzerland

detail of the concrete cast pattern of rosettes image © archive olgiati



valerio olgiati: bardill studio, switzerland

a rapid 18 month construction yielded a form whose rational exterior belies its spatially unusual interior image © archive olgiati



valerio olgiati: bardill studio, switzerland

the actual studio is a mere third of the total building, about 60 square meters, verus and internal garden framed by a sizable aperture image © archive olgiati



valerio olgiati: bardill studio, switzerland

the interior green space is central to the concept of the studio image © archive olgiati


project info:


object: private atelier – one working spacelocation: scharans, switzerlandclient: linard bardill, musician + poetarchitect: valerio olgiati, prof. dipl. architect eth/siacollaborators: nathan ghiringhelli (project manager office olgiati), nikolai müller, mario beeliconstruction supervisor: linard bardillstructural engineer: patrick gartmann, partner of conzett, bronzini, gartmann ag, churmaterials: red in-situ concrete, steel, coppervolume: 665 m3area: atelier space: 70 m2garage, storage, technic: 65 m2courtyard: 150 m2