van bo le mentzel: one sqm house

van bo le mentzel: one sqm house



berlin-based architect van bo le-mentzel of hartz IV möbel has conceived of the ‘one sqm house’- a do-it-yourself structure which offers one square meter of floor area to be used as a dwelling, mobile kiosk or an extra room inside an apartment. made with everyday materials, the wooden frame can be put together with a cordless screwdriver and saw. the waterproof exterior features a slide window and lockable door. weighing in at 40 kilograms, the gabled home can be easily moved to the location of the inhabitant’s desire, determining the views and surrounding context. standing at 2 meters tall, the unit may be turned on its side to double as a perfectly sized bed for impromptu sleeping, with the angled roof forming a comfortable lounge for the back.

van bo le mentzel: one sqm house image © daniela kleint



one day long workshops at the BMW guggenheim lab allow visitors to construct the house for its basic cost for supplies, 250 euro. if the price is too high, individuals may partake and then resident artists, students, travelers and the homeless may stay inside the assembled house for 1 euro per night to cover the cost. reservations may be made on air bnb to stay inside the moveable unit in berlin for 1 euro per night, with included access to a kitchen and bathroom within the nearby eastseven hostel.

van bo le mentzel: one sqm house image © daniela kleint

van bo le mentzel: one sqm house the unit can be used as an office photo: luke abiol image © 2012 solomon r. guggenheim foundation

van bo le mentzel: one sqm house the unit can be transported within a vehicle in an assembled state image © daniela kleint

van bo le mentzel: one sqm house step-by-step diagram

van bo le mentzel: one sqm house day to night

  • Pretentious & BORING. This ‘author’ should go to the local library & read the innumerable numbers of true artistic & scientific invention for ‘mobile cell’ in the last 5 decades: not to mention the increasing thousands of first year architectural students proposals. What really surprises me is that DesignBoom would waste its precious space for such a piece of stale pancake.

    Jun 23, 2013
  • Huh, pretty cool. @yo yo ma, all the plans (“Bauplanen”) are available from the Hartz IV website.

    Jun 23, 2013
  • I really thought for a seconds that it is a DOG House… just sayin’!

    Jun 22, 2013
  • The project is nice. The problem is the way its presented which then makes me doubt about the true motivations behind it.
    Van-bo does it in all his projects. The problem is that he is commodifiying all that he does. All his photos look like an editorial for wallpaper, they are so lame and obvious.
    This guy should go and work for IKEA. Come on?? Hartz IV? a diy book for 9.99? why dont you just publish it online for free like the rest of us?
    bmw guggenheim lab? please….

    yo yo ma
    Feb 22, 2013
  • what a lot of stupid coments over here ! I’m a french student in design and you’re such an inspiration for one of our workshop about the city. This concept is really marvellous and poetic ! keep going and make us dreaming, congratulations 🙂

    Dec 11, 2012
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