vasco lima mayer's 'house in muda' blends portuguese tradition and modern architecture

vasco lima mayer's 'house in muda' blends portuguese tradition and modern architecture

architecture to bridge generations


In the scenic landscape of Grândola, Portugal, this proposed House in Muda is designed by Vasco Lima Mayer Arquitecto at the intersection of tradition and contemporary design. Envisioned by the Sintra-based architect, this family holiday home will soon be built to introduce an airy and sunlit dwelling for multiple generations together.

The House in Muda is planned as a gathering place for grandparents, parents, and grandchildren. Upon receiving the initial brief, the architects were confronted with the task of organizing the project between three distinct blocks. The first, the main block, will feature a bedroom and living area for the grandparents. The other two blocks, each containing two bedrooms, will house their children and grandchildren. This approach to spatial organization set the stage for a unique architectural venture.

vasco lima mayer muda
visualizations © Filipe Borralho



the house in muda: an open and airy retreat


In the spirit of the typical Portuguese home, a living space occupies the core of Vasco Lima Mayer Arquitectos’ House in Muda retreat. The architects organize this living space at the heart of the dwelling where all other rooms converge and unite. Transparency is the hallmark here, achieved through the generous use of glass, which obscures the threshold between the interior and the exterior. The objective was to foster an expansive and welcoming atmosphere, tailor-made for creating cherished family memories.

vasco lima mayer muda
the House in Muda serves as a family retreat for grandparents, parents, and grandchildren to come together



vasco lima mayer’s love note to comporta


The team at Vasco Lima Mayer Arquitectos notes that the House in Muda, with its horizontal layout and a chimney delicately balancing its composition, is inspired by traditional Portuguese architecture. This interplay between the traditional and the contemporary lends the house a character that is both scenic and irreverent. The design pays homage to the roots of Portuguese tradition while embracing the freedom to innovate and reimagine. The allure of the home further lies in Its location, discovered within the enchanting region of Comporta. This region unfolds through rice fields, pine forests, and undulating dunes, before culminating in the vast, Alentejo coast. This backdrop becomes an integral part of the house’s identity, integrating the natural world into the fabric of daily life.

vasco lima mayer muda
the home is organized between three separate blocks to cater to the three generationsvasco lima mayer's 'house in muda' blends portuguese tradition and modern architecture
Vasco Lima Mayer interprets traditional Portuguese design elements through a contemporary lens
vasco lima mayer's 'house in muda' blends portuguese tradition and modern architecturegenerous use of full height glass expands the interiors into nature


the heart of the home is the luminous living room, its transparent walls inviting natural light

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