the ‘ridge house’ by hailim suh has grassy panels which extend from the built structure down into the landscape

the design of ‘ridge house’ by hailim suh originally began with a topographical study of the landscape. the structure is meant to redefine the geometry of the ravine which surrounds it based on the contouring lines of the natural environment. the ridge of the house is built along the ridge line of the ravine, making a seamless connection between the landscape and the built structure. planted panels are included in the exterior design of the house to reinforce this connection with nature. divided into two masses located along the ridge line, the social and shared spaces are housed in one section and the private rooms in another. in contrast is the north facing façade which offers panoramic views of the landscape and the pacific ocean.

venice architecture biennale 08: next gene 20   hailim suh ‘ridge house’ sits along the contouring lines of the landscapevenice architecture biennale 08: next gene 20   hailim suh a 3D model shows the depth of the ravine in which the ‘ridge house’ sits image © designboom

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