urban regeneration proposal for la défense, paris, france image © OMA

at this year’s venice biennale OMA presented urban regeneration proposals for two european business districts of la défense in paris and for the neglected fishing port of saint elia in cagliari, italy.

curated by francis lambert the la défense masterplan featured OMA’s design along with 12 other proposals for the area. the masterplan proposes to create a nodal point that transforms la défense into a compact and efficient business district by creating a new central transit stop in the middle of the district with an internal shuttle that extends to the neighboring district of les groues to bring in life and also distribute to surrounding neighborhoods.

venice architecture biennale 08: OMA urban regeneration proposal for saint elia, cagiliari, italy image © OMA

OMA’s design for saint elia is presented in the italian pavillion, in the section ‘housing italy 12 projects

for inhabiting and re-inhabiting the city,’ curated by francesco garofalo. OMA’s design is used in a conceptual proposal produced by italian architecture firm salottobuono. other proposals on display relate to residential conversion of industrial areas and the settlement of foreign communities immigrating to italy.


the office for metropolitan architecture: http://oma.eu

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