earlier this month designboom gave a preview of the installation ‘prototyping the future: three houses for the subconscious’ by asymptote (hani rashid + lise anne couture) which will be on display at the venice architecture biennale 2008.

conceived and manufactured digitally ‘prototyping the future: three houses for the subconscious’ is comprised of three large fiberglass objects which are each meant to express forms of sophistication which are a result of high velocity, acceleration and speed, fluid dynamics ballistics and mathematically modeled form. the objects on display are separated by large panels of reflective mirrored glass which reveal the architectural possibilities that result when a form is simultaneously subjected to optical flux, the interferences of perception and resultant ambiguity of meaning. they act as agents of spatial interference, which absorb and retransmit the space which surrounds them into textural and ambient constructions with the potential for occupancy.

‘what we are showing at the venice biennale is a piece conceived of and thought about as a potential architecture
and a potential place for architecture to reside. these works, caught somewhere between furniture and
large-scale buildings, exist in a kind of luminous ether, flowing down the stage as if trapped in a frozen
performance of architecture in the making.’ – HR

venice architecture biennale 08 preview: asymptote (update)

‘prototyping the future: three houses for the subconscious’ will be on show inside the arsenale as part of the
exhibition ‘out there: architecture beyond building’ curated by aaron betsky.


asymptote: http://www.asymptote.net designboom preview of asymptote at venice architecture biennale 2008