as part of this year’s venice architecture biennale, the croation studio ‘penezić & rogina architects’ (vinko penezić and krešimir rogina) will create an installation at the city’s arsenale.

penezić & rogina explained the concept behind the ‘urban jungle’ installation to designboom:

as ‘in the future, everyone is going to be anonymous for 15 minutes’ a new online architecture is required,
where the homogeneous space brings humans and things together without mediation. here a continuum
of previously separated functions fabulates a total environment where the new corporeality would break,
stretch, bend, crush, crack, fold…

venice architecture biennale 08 preview: penezic & rogina architects

urban jungle’ is a functional screen of activities, mobile and decentered, where the definition of things is
open to negotiation. the installation is more a game than a sculpture, like technology that transferred itself
from the phase of black/silver-reliability-conviction to something more friendly, funny, joyful, childlike, toyish
(like our sony-benetton electronic home conceptualized with cedric price in 1990). architecture in the
digital age doesn’t necessarily mean the rejection of previous approaches, but – on the contrary – their
appropriation and distortion; thus we introduce a post-disciplinary habitat assembled by three series of
elements in multiple varieties.‘ – P&R


penezic & rogina architects: venice architecture biennale:


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