sketch plans of id-lab’s lemon LED installation at the 11th international architecture exhibition

id-lab as been invited to the 11th international architecture exhibition, out there: architecture beyond building in venice.  their installation will be located inside the padiglione italia as part of the experimental architecture section curated by aaron betsky and emiliano gandolfini.  in addtion to their installation, the id-lab designers engaged in a broader communication project, collaborating with NABA of milan, italy and TUdeflt’s id-studiolab of delft, the netherlands in which they have put together a number or participatory workshops which will run during the biennale.  the workshops will put emphasis on the aspect of the world of design that id-lab considers the most important – the network it  creates and which defines its environment, creating a laboratory in which to experiment and generate new ideas.  the first workshop, radiopirata! will take place during the opening days of the biennale, september 10 – 14th, and are open for the biennale audience to participate in.

‘sewing and inflating a gigantic cloth torpedo, to force ourselves to rethink the houses where we live.
seeing and touching new technologies, new media . learning how to use them, how to make them work,
seeing the backstage. facing the issue of contemporary design from the inside: experimenting, failing,
trying again until something happens. learning a new technique, sharing it with other people, understanding its
inner reasons – and changing our initial ideas and assumptions.’ – ID-LAB

venice architecture biennale 2008 preview: id lab testing the lemon LEDs