‘Hypnerotosphere’ is the installation that british architect nigel coates has created for this year’s venice architecture biennale, as part of the exhibition ‘out there: architecture beyond building’. nigel coates is not only known for his architecture but also for his furniture and lighting design. in his ‘hypnerotosphere’ installation he has created an environment that consist of three components; furniture, a movie of dancers and floating architectural models. the furniture is spread across the area whilst a video of dancers will be played, against the backdrop of italian social housing in rome.

nigel coates explains his style: ‘I go for architecture that overlays and enhances. by blending observation and wit with reason, I want my work to generate a sense of the unexpected, and the seemingly spontaneous.’

the 11th international architecture exhibition will take place from september 14th – november 23rd 2008 across the city’s arsenale and giardini exhibition venues.

read more: nigel coates: http://www.nigelcoates.com/ venice architectural biennale: http://www.labiennale.org/en/architecture